#MagicMoments -The Monkey Did Good

This badge was proudly handed to me by big monkey as soon as he reached me outside his classroom last Friday afternoon. I knew what it meant as soon as I saw it....he has been picked to be a playtime play leader at school. I'm so pleased for him and very very proud also.
Some weeks back the school had informed the parents that they were asking the children if they would like to have more responsibility, and help with tasks. This was on top of the schemes they already ran. We had a letter home, which big monkey could complete with our help, if he wanted to apply to become a play leader. To be honest I was surprised when he said he would like to apply, so he wrote down what he thought he should, with a bit of guidance from us and then I forgot all about it. On Friday though, the school had a special assembly and that is where the selected children were named and asked to go up to the front and collect their badges. 
He seems delighted. I'll shall no doubt hear what he has to do in time....though we might have to wait a while! Usually when I ask him what he has done at school, his answer is "I'll tell you when I'm 7!"
This makes me chuckle......he is not yet 6!

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