Room To Grow Book Sharing Scheme

Before big monkey started in foundation stage at school in Sept 2012 he could not read. But very quickly he was reading simple word books from the library at school and he has continued to progress well through the reading levels. Now in his 1st term in year one he is near the top end of the reading levels and will soon be on 'free readers'. I'm trilled with his progress and amazed at how quickly non-readers can learn to read when given the tools and assistance to do so. I'm also proud that big monkey loves to learn to read and has a go at reading whenever and wherever he can.

With this in mind I was keen to participate in the Room to Grow Book Sharing Scheme. It is running from November to February for children aged 1-14 and aims to get children looking at and reading books, then sending them back so they can be shared with another child and so on. 

"If Room To Grow can help even a single child understand or maintain the joy of reading and create an everlasting affection of books, then that can only be a good thing" 

Anne Davis, Room To Grow

We have been reading Lauren Child's 'I will not ever never eat a tomato'....one of the Charlie and Lola books. This being a 10th Anniversary edition.
Big monkey recognised the book as soon as he saw it, as his class in foundation stage had studied Charlie and Lola. He was keen to listen to me reading the book and struck up a conversation about the foods being talked about by Charlie and Lola. The book is fun and colourful and I would say at a level which fits with big monkeys reading ability at the minute or very close to it. This edition also comes with a pull out wall frieze.
A very clever story of getting children to think about the foods they do or do not eat, which might encourage them to try new foods they might otherwise turn their noses up to! Big monkey was sat intently listening to the story. We are looking forward to receiving the next book now and seeing with interest which one we get sent.
 *We received this book as part of a book sharing scheme, to return to sender. All views and opinions are my own*

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