The A to Z of Me

This super Meme has been doing the rounds and the lovely Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum tagged me in it. So who would like to find out a bit more about me? Well you can now!

America is the place I first went abroad without my parents. It was a school exchange trip.....what an opportunity! I loved it but at 13 I was terribly homesick.

Boys....I have two of them. Both very similar in many ways but so different in others! They are the love of my life.

Children have always featured in my life. Even before I had my own I worked with them and still do.
David is my twin brother, he is tall and dark. I am not!

Elephants have been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember and I was lucky enough the see them up close on my honeymoon on safari in Kenya.
Flowers are beautiful and I'm lucky that the boys and my husband regularly buy them for me. Purple flowers are my favourite.
Gillingham in Kent is where I did most of my growing up.

Honeymoon was wonderful in Kenya, though hubby was taken ill just before flying home....so we had an extra night there (in a hospital). Holidays seem to be a thing of the past but hopefully not for much longer! Maybe we will get one in 2014!
iPhone...what did I do with out it? Mine is surgically attached to me all the time!

Jo, that's me.....full name Joanne, but only my parents call me that!

knots, I hate them! I can't tie or untie a knot to save my life.

Little Jo is what I was known as at school and college and beyond. Because I'm short....just 5ft.

Mummy is what I am here for. It took a while....I was 36 yrs old when I became one but I'm loving it and always wanted children of my own.
Nan died in 2000 and I still miss her loads. She would have so loved to have known my monkeys....the best nan ever.

Oranges.....I can never peel them! 

Pasta, I love it and so too do the monkeys......they would eat it every day if I let them! Pasta, Pesto and grated cheese is yummy. Oh and pine nuts too!

Quads.....how cool would it be to have them? Being a twin, I would have quite liked a multiple birth.

Rest. I wish the monkeys would rest more! They are full on from dawn till dusk.....they do sleep well every night though, so I can't really complain.

Sunday's are our family day, as they are the only day my husband has off each week. If we have nothing planned I do work the odd one but we try to do family stuff whenever we can.
Toast tastes so much better when someone else is cooking it! I like mine crisp with marmite on. Not soggy.....yuk!

Umbrella's are a thing of the past since having the monkeys.....too difficult to hold pushing a pushchair and quite frankly I kind of don't worry as much as I used to about keeping dry and not spoiling my hair.

Very nice ladies encouraged me to start blogging and I have to say I'm loving it. I've met more very nice people through blogging too.

Wedding day for my husband and I was the most amazing day ever. I wanted to do the whole thing all over again the next day!
X-ray vision would be good wouldn't it?! Mine isn't great to be honest. I'm short sighted....but I actually quite like wearing glasses now. I've worn them since I was 18 months old!

Years seem to fly by even quicker than ever nowadays. It only seems like 5 minutes ago I had our eldest monkey yet he will be 6 next May.

ZZZZZ''s in my own bed are what I like best.....you can't beat sleeping in your own bed can you? 

Now it's the turn of Jennifer from My Mummy's Pennies
                                Clare from Emmy's Mummy
                                Ruth from Rock N Roller Baby
                                Rachael from L-Plate Mummy and 
                                Liz from The Hart Of The Munchkin Patch 
to let us have an insight into their lives. Go for it girls x

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