Yesterday Was Special-Matilda Mae Welly Walk

Yesterday marked the 9 month anniversary since beautiful baby Matilda Mae was sadly taken too soon. Taken by SIDS, Matilda's Mummy Jennie has worked tirelessly to help raise awareness and funds for The Lullaby Trust in memory of Matilda Mae. The Welly Walk and Family Fun Day was organised to mark the anniversary and bring families together to remember Tilda.....and what a way to remember.
We arrived at Beale Park-the host venue for the day, and straight away Daddy took part in the mens welly wanging competition. No winner here as he threw a welly into the tree! Then in through the Matilda Mae entrance to get our welcome pack and join in with all the other great things on offer for the day, including the lovely welly walk. Lots of families took part in the walk and what a beautiful one it was....really calming, relaxed and oh so pretty. The classical music and bubble blowing at the end of the walk was amazing. Very moving.

There were lots of things for the monkeys to do during the day and they especially enjoyed the train that runs around Beale Park and past the animals there. The monkeys also enjoyed the fab children's play area's and taking part in the fun and games inside the Beale centre, where they could help to raise funds and win prizes by playing games and enjoying themselves. Everything was covered within the ticket price we had paid for in advance and this included Crepes and drinks, the train ride and entrance into the park. The crepes were very popular! It was a shame little monkey missed these as he was napping.

Big monkey loved taking part in the 5-10 year olds welly wanging contest and even little monkey had a go. I too joined in the women's competition and Mr Monkey was suitably impressed! We met a friend I have made via social media, who came along with her family to support the cause and really did have a lovely, magical day. I had tried talking to big monkey about why we were going, making it as easy as possible for him to understand but I really did not know what he had taken on board. He must have listened though, as he took great interest in the walk and the classical music playing. He loved listening to them play lullaby's and sat and listened intently to Jennie reading a bedtime story to the children, near the end of the day. Both monkey's were exceptionally well behaved, especially so during the speaking at the end. That was a very emotional part of the day and it was very moving to hear Jennie talking and thanking everyone. The sparklers at the end were a magical way to say goodbye, and let baby Tilda in the sky know we were thinking of her.

A thoroughly thought provoking, fun packed, family day out for an amazing little girl and inspiring family to help raise funds for such an important cause. You too can help, by donating to the Lullaby Trust in Matilda Mae's memory here. I'd like to thank Jennie and everyone else involved for organising this special event. 

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