A Night Of Christmas Lights

I don't know about you but we like to take a drive with the monkeys leading up to Christmas, in search of all the Christmas lights and displays people have done. So, the other night, after they had eaten we took the monkeys out in the car around the City we live in on a 'Light hunt'! 
They shouted with delight every time they saw different sets of lights lit upon peoples houses and we even popped into a friends house to see their reindeer lights in their garden and have a quick cup of tea. They have a lovely Christmas tree indoors with a wonderful train set running around the bottom of it. Little monkey was in his element playing with it. 
After our stop off, where incidently the monkeys were little angels, we carried on driving around and stopped to look at a fab charity display on a house, where the occupant has been raising money every Christmas for the last ten years for the Air Ambulance. She even came outside to talk to us and gave the monkeys a little gift each. It takes her three weeks to turn her normal house into a wonderful Christmas wonderland that lots of people stop by and visit. What a fabulous idea, but I'm not sure I would want her electricity bill!
The last part of our drive took us past the high street to have a look at their lights. We and the monkeys had a lovely time and felt very festive on getting back home. 
Now less than 14 sleeps to go, the excitement of Christmas is building in our house. Is it in yours? We'd love to know!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
This week we are linking up with #CountryKids as we try to do most weeks and with #FamailyFrolics in honour or Kerry from Multiple Mummy. I never knew Kerry, but know a lot of bloggers who did. A lady never forgotten.

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