The Monkeys Christmas!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas? Unfortunately we had a family bereavement just before Christmas so it was one with mixed emotions. The week leading up to Christmas Day was a bit of a nightmare to be honest! Little monkey ended up in A&E late one night as his temperature was over 40c and he was vomiting. He had earlier been diagnosed with an ear infection and the three things combined made him a right sorry state. After 3hrs we were seen and sent home and thankfully he made a quick recovery. Our Christmas food shop wasn't delivered when expected and I abandoned an appointment I had at the orthopedic department of the hospital for my knees! All of that didn't stop the monkeys having a fab time though and of course we made it as normal as possible for them.
Christmas Eve was spent baking Christmas biscuits, reading Christmas stories and leaving food and treats out for Santa and the reindeer!
Then the fun began! Presents galore, happy smiles, lots of thanks and play, play, play.
Big monkey was keen to unwrap his gifts with gusto but little monkey was a bit bewildered and was very slow to open all his gifts.
Luckily we didn't get the very early wake up call we had been expecting. I think just after 6am and then 6.45am for little monkey was pretty good really!
Big monkey seemed to know things had been up and down as he was especially kind and thoughtful and thanked us much more frequently than normal on opening his presents. Bless him.
This year we ate our Christmas dinner out at a restaurant for the 1st time ever. It was lovely and so good to be able to just play with the monkeys instead of preparing the dinner and spending time clearing it all away afterwards. We have booked to go there again next Christmas! On the whole the monkeys were very well behaved there and of course they enjoyed themselves too.
Our evening was spent settling the monkeys who were by then very tired and then relaxing in front of the television. 

We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Here's hoping 2014 brings you everything you want it too.

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