Update on Little Monkey.

As you may remember reading here and here, little monkey has been having regular hearing tests as he has glue ear. Just about a week before Christmas I took him for another appointment at the ENT department at our local hospital to have his ears checked and he does still have the glue ear. The consultant has therefore decided that little monkey will be fitted with grommets. He is now on the waiting list and it should be done within 12 weeks. I'm happy with the decision as I really think the grommets will help with his speech development and I'd like him to have the opportunity to reach his full potential as opposed to just doing his best to hear and talk.
He was a superstar at the appointment and so too were the hospital staff. I really cannot fault their treatment so far. We waited less than 5 minutes to be seen and the audiologist took us straight into the consultants room for his decision based on little monkeys results after his ears were checked. They were very good with little monkey and made sure I was involved in the decision making and kept fully aware of what little monkey would be going through. As a treat for being such a superstar little monkey was treated to some chocolate from the M&S at the hospital and he loved watching the buses coming and going on the way back to the car park. Our appointment was a resounding success.
We now await his operation date. I will keep you updated.

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