What I love about Christmas!

What I love about Christmas would ultimately be everything!! Since I was young I have always loved Christmas. It's the season to be jolly, spend quality time with family and friends, give those you love gifts, and hopefully get some too! Also to visit Santa, decorate the tree, eat lots of food.....I could go on and on!
Christmas was always made to feel special when I was a child and now that I'm a parent myself, my husband and I are keen to ensure that's how our children feel about it. Luckily when we met, he felt the same as me about Christmas.
In no particular order theses are the things I love about Christmas!

Buying presents for loved ones
I love giving and like to put a lot of thought into the gifts I buy. It gives me real pleasure to get what I know family and friends will love. This especially applies to the monkeys. I tend to say each year that I'm cutting back, but I just can't! They get way too much...but if you can't spoil your children at Christmas, when can you?! 

Visiting Santa
We love to take the monkeys to visit Santa. To chat with him about what they would like for Christmas, how they have been and what they are hoping Christmas will be like. Over the years since the monkeys came along, we have seen Santa on a steam train, at the zoo, at a local stately home, in the garden center and at the shopping center. Big monkey used to be terrified of him but now happily sits and speaks for himself and his little brother! 
What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than Meeting the man himself - This tip from Nick Oot, Center Parcs Winter Wonderland Expert has inspired me the most. Taking the kids to see Santa has to be one of the most important things in the lead up to the big day.
Decorating the tree
We currently have a 6ft very realistic artificial tree, It cost a lot of money several years ago and is still looking fab. I love decorating it. Now the monkeys join in and big monkey especially does a fab job of hanging the decorations on it. Daddy is in charge of the lights. Each year we help the monkeys to choose a new Christmas tree decoration each. This has become our new family tradition.

Tracking Santa
Even before the monkeys were born, with my juvenile mind I would be getting excited about where in the world Santa was delivery his presents. So once Norad Tracks Santa came along I would sit at the computer and track him. This is something I now do with the monkeys and will continue to do (probably forever!)
Eating Roast Turkey and all the trimmings
I LOVE roast dinner and Christmas would not be Christmas without a roast Turkey dinner. This year we are eating out and I have ordered the traditional roast, with all the trimmings.
Wrapping the presents
I find it really quite exciting to wrap the presents and make them all look wonderful, whilst being in the know about what surprises the recipients will be getting! I used to cheat as a child and hunt for my presents. Something the monkeys have yet to do. Usually I wrap in one sitting with something festive on the TV. 
Watching my eldest in his school Christmas production
Big monkey is in year one at school and I find myself sitting there with pride watching him in his school Christmas production, whilst he is looking out in the audience for Daddy and I. I cannot watch without shedding a tear of pride and happiness that he is taking part and is so proud to do so.
Watching the children open their presents
Nothing beats seeing the monkeys open their presents excitedly on Christmas morning. It has to be one of the most precious things to behold, seeing their faces light up in bewilderment at what Santa has delivered. I'm a huge kid and LOVE this part of Christmas day which starts very early in our house!
Boxing Day Dinner
Second to traditional Christmas Day dinner is cold turkey, hot mashed potato, salad and pickles. Yum! 
Advent Calendars
The monkeys get so eager to open their advent calendars each morning. They are bought for them by their Grandparents each year. I used to enjoy getting one too until they came along. Perhaps I should get my own!
Annual Seasonal TV Programes
You know it's nearly Christmas when shows like Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor come on. I'm a sucker for such TV and watching them in the run up to Christmas!
Spending time with my family
Ultimately THE most important thing about MY Christmas. Quality time with my husband and the monkeys, making memories and carrying on traditions set years ago with our parents and grandparents.
Did I say I love Christmas!! Above are a small selection of photo's that depict part of our Christmas. I hope you like them. 

Merry Christmas

*This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 December challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elvedon Forest.* 

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