Dear Matilda Mae

Letters for Matilda Mae

Dearest Matilda
I never had the good fortune to meet you, but in the past year I have learnt so much about you. You have touched so many hearts and I shall never ever forget reading all the heart-wrenching posts your wonderful Mummy has written since you left. I have cried many a night reading them all.
So many people have tried to help support your Mummy, Daddy, brother and sister. We have cried, remembered, laughed, walked in wellies and raised awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in your memory sweet baby girl. Most days I think of your wonderful family and how they miss you so desperately.
Back in the Autumn I had the great honour of sitting at the same table as your Mummy at the Mad Blog Awards in London. I was in awe of her strength and determination to ensure you hadn't died in vain. We all cried with her when she bravely went up on stage to receive her Outstanding Blogger Award. She is a truly remarkable woman. You would be so so proud of all your Mummy stands for. 
I also had the absolute pleasure of attending the Welly Walk in your name. Being there really touched mine and my husbands hearts. We will never forget the feeling of warmth, sadness and of pride, being there that day.
Your memory lives on lovely and I hope you know there are lots of us wishing you had never been taken before you had a chance to live your life.
Look down on your loved ones lovely and be proud of how they are coping as hard as it is. I know they would all change the last year in a heartbeat to have you back in their arms. 


Beanies Yogart - Review & Giveaway

Remember we recently posted a Beanies Flavour Co, Coffee Review & Giveaway, well now we have a Beanies Yogart Review & Giveaway. "Yogart™ is a make-at-home yogart, containing live cultures." We put yogart making to the test!

Beanies Yogart comes in 6 different flavours, all 100% natural, vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free. Each dried and packaged flavour sachet makes 1 liter of live yogart, which is very easy to do. You just mix the contents of one sachet with 1/2 liter of water, whisk until smooth, add another 1/2 liter of water and then pour into the yogart maker, leave for 8hrs, ideally overnight, stir again and cool in the fridge! It couldn't be simpler really.
We were sent the Yogart Starter Bundle to review. The process is as simple as I've stated above, there was a slight odor when I took the lid off the yogart maker after leaving it switched on overnight, but this is part of the making process and is nothing to worry about. Give it a good stir and pop in the fridge to complete the process.
Once cooled the yogart is lovely and smooth and thick but not set. So far, we have made the Strawberry flavour, all of which, if kept in the fridge lasts for one week. Big monkey loves it and has been keen to have some each morning. I am really impressed with this yogart and yogart maker. Take a look at their Facebook page for more info!
Now you can also have a go at making your own Yogart! We are giving away a Yogart Starter Bundle worth £26.99.
All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes 11/02/14. The more options you complete the more chances of winning! Please complete the mandatory option or your entry will be disqualified. Good Luck everyone.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
*We were sent this bundle to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*
Win Prizes with theprizefinder.com

Assembly To Be Proud Of #spreadalittlehappiness

Last Thursday saw us attending big monkeys 1st ever class assembly, where the parents were invited to watch. I was meant to be working, but wasn't going to miss the opportunity and I'm so glad I didn't. I honestly sat there with tears pricking my eyes, full of pride and with a big smile on my face! 
The theme was transport and he and each of his classmates had a piece to say, some of their work to show and they all took part in a song about transport! It was so wonderful to watch each and every one of them. Big monkey said his sentence word perfect and nice and clearly too. The children were so proud to be 'performing' in front of their loved ones!
I'm such a wuss at these things and always get emotional. I was especially so when all the children were given a surprise they had made to hand out to all us parents. Lovely calendars of the changing seasons. Something to treasure, along with the memories of the assembly for ever and ever.
This mummy left there with a beaming smile and a huge sense of relief that we made the best ever decision to send big monkey to that school back in 2012.
Mini Creations


Week 4 Round Up - #Project365

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky
This week feels more like normal after the mayhem of the New Year, the return to school and my Nan's funeral etc!
I've got a bit more done in the house and bought some more presents for little monkeys 3rd birthday next week. Generally we just pottered about here and there. Take a look at our week in photo's! They are for 19th-25th Jan 2014.
This was taken just down the road from us. It was beautiful there and I just had to capture the outlook!
Monday we went to the local retail park which just happens to be by the railway line! Can you guess what little monkey was watching?!
Here we are taking photo's of each other taking photo's. Cool camera there hey!
Little monkey not only plays with trains. He reads about them too :)
This is the very special calendar big monkey made and presented to us at his class assembly. We thoroughly enjoyed it there and left very proud parents.
Can you see a cheeky little monkey here hiding from his mummy, whilst playing with his beloved train table?!
Big monkey spent the last of his Christmas monkey on this keyring torch last night and has been paying with it this morning!

We hope you like our photo's. Next week we should have some of little monkey celebrating his birthday :)
We'd love to know what your week has been like too!


Our Perfect Day At Center Parcs

Before big monkey was born Mr Monkey and I went on a fab family weekend away to Center Parcs, Elveden Forest, to help celebrate his sisters 40th Birthday. It's safe to say we loved it there and hope to one day take the monkeys too, so we can share the magic with them. I was 6 months pregnant with big monkey, so it was a while ago now. I'd love to see how it's changed.
Taking inspiration from this video, featuring Lydia, Rory and Anna. (We are after all big kids, who love having fun with the monkeys) I would say our perfect day would look like this:
A lazy start to the day for the monkey's and I whilst daddy goes for a run around the park. Whilst he is doing that I would be preparing breakfast for us all, to enjoy together as a family in our accommodation. 
Next we would all have a fun filled swim in the pool, going up and down the slides. With a quick refreshing break in one of the cafe's. Cake and tea for me!
After than we would hire bikes and explore the paths and scenery around the lake, stopping to play crazy golf. We played back in 2008, which was great fun with 10+ family members joining in.
Now, we love food, so next would have to be lunch in one of the restaurants. We all enjoy pasta so would probably opt for that, followed by ice cream for the monkeys benefit of course!
Back to our accommodation for a quick freshen up (via our bikes), then off tenpin bowling. 
Later a stroll back to the villa via the sweet shop and then dinner for four, before a nice quiet evening in, with a glass of wine or two whilst the monkeys sleep and dream of the fab day they have just enjoyed. Maybe with a DVD rental from the shop!
These are some of the photo's taken on our trip before the monkeys came along. I remember these with fondness as I was carrying big monkey as mentioned.

'This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elveden Forest.'


My Little Big Town - Book Review

We love books and have recently discovered My Little Big Town. A book children's book publisher based in Yorkshire. We were kindly sent the following books to review.

The Monster Book of Numbers
Written by Calvin Innes, this little book is big on numbers and has cute monsters on every page. It starts at number 1 to 10, then goes in increments of 5 to 25 and jumps to 50! An ideal little book to help make learning numbers and counting fun, with your little monsters. The illustrations are fun and bright. Both monkeys enjoyed this book.

 Stuart The Bug Eating Man
Again, written by Calvin Harris, this paper back book has 74 pages and is part of a collection of books 'A tiny twisted tale'. It tells the story of Stuart, a man who loves bugs, much to the disgust of his wife. A fun book which young children will love and laugh at. Big monkey certainly did! Cool black and white illustrations adorn the pages depicting the tale. Ideally suited to ages children of junior age I would say. A very funny read.

Pirates Don't Play Cricket
This book is by Iain O'Brien and Rowan Gibson. A lovely glossy paged book about Dan and Priya who come across a group of Pirates playing cricket! Highly illustrated and another fun read. Both monkeys enjoyed this great book, especially big monkey who loves all things to do with swashbuckling at present. As luck would have it, he is also interested in cricket, so this was a winning combination.

These three books are great for little minds and can be found via My Little Big Town on Twitter and Facebook.

*We were sent these books for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

What A Superstar!

For a few weeks now, little monkey has been refusing to fall asleep in his own bed. He has been waking in the night after being moved to his own bed and refusing to stay there, so as you can imagine we have been having disturbed nights and have been anxious to nip this new regime in the bud. Up until now both monkeys have always settled well and have always been good sleepers, sleeping for a good 11hrs solid each night, so this recent behaviour has been a shock to the system.
Things came to a head the other night when little monkey took 2hrs to settle, as he kept getting up and coming downstairs. He eventually fell asleep in our bed with Daddy laying beside him, then came into our bed again in the night, resulting in lots of broken sleep for us all. He even managed to wake big monkey with his screaming and tears.
So, yesterday I just had to seek help and the lovely Fi from Childcare is Fun was recommended by lots of different parents on twitter. Fi and I emailed back and forth and last night I was on a mission to get little monkey settled in his own bed.
Now I won't say it was easy, as it wasn't at all. I so could have given up trying and let him settle in our bed BUT eventually after lots of tears from monkey, frustration from me (which I kept from him), and persistence, after 1hr and 20mins he did actually fall asleep in his own bed!! And to further my happiness and pride, he slept there all night, not waking once!
I know it's just one night but I'm so chuffed with him and thank Fi for her help. A small step but one in the right direction to getting the monkey back into his usual sleeping habit and brightening our days again. Well done little monkey, what a superstar. Mummy and daddy are so proud. xx
Ethans Escapades


What a cheeky Monkey!

Ha, ha.....I had to giggle putting little monkey to bed tonight! There was a smell, like rotten cabbage. I said to him "have you done a poo poo?" He said "No. I done pop off!" The big grin on his face dissolved into giggles, the sort that are infectious, so there we were, him and me on his bed in fits! Over and over, with his cheeky grin he said "I done pop off!"
And over and over we giggled....I love that monkey! 


Week 3 Round Up For #Project365

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

This week has been fairly quiet and non eventful really. Not bad nor fab either I suppose! I worked Sunday afternoon. Big monkey has been at school all week and little monkey at Preschool two mornings. I was ill Tues/Weds so not up to much either of those days! Thursday saw me back at work and then off into town with a friend for lunch whilst Daddy looked after little monkey. Friday was busy with a friend and her daughter over and later one of big monkey's best friends came over for tea. I'm off to work again later today! Here is our round up for 12th-18th Jan.

#Day12 I made myself an egg sandwich, which was delicious. The monkeys won't eat eggs!

#Day13 Shopping at the supermarket, little monkey insisted on sitting in the trolley!

#Day14 Little monkey LOVES trains and will spend hours building trains and playing with them!

#Day15 Having a go at his big brothers new game. They often play with each others toys!

#Day16 Having a nap in Mummy and Daddy's bed, not something we had planned but he is being funny about falling asleep in his own bed at the moment!

#Day17 The rain overnight was awful but we saw this fab sky whilst going back to the car.

Today I've had a sort out of some of the monkeys toys. They have far too many and no doubt more soon as it's little monkeys Birthday coming up!

We hope you like this weeks photo's and can come and leave a comment or two. Thank you.


Children's Clothes, Too Small?, Too Big?, Just Right?

Both the monkeys tended to be small as babies and always wore clothes that were a size or two smaller than their age. Eventually at around the age of 3-4 big monkey caught up and wore the correct size clothing for his age and continues to do so, although he has to wear trousers with an adjustable waist as he is slim. Little monkey is still wearing 18-24 month trousers and is in 2-3yr old tops. He will be 3 at the end of the month! The 2-3 trousers are the right length but huge around the waist, even those with the adjustable waistband. The tops are just starting to get too small. 
Now I could go into a certain popular store and get the 18-24 month trousers and 2-3 tops and both would fit fine, so why are clothes sizes so different from store to store? Why can't they be more universal across the board? I have some trousers for little monkey from another store that he will never be able to wear. The length was fine a while back but the waist was huge! A total waste of money.
Many parents feel the same. Most who commented on My Monkeys Don't Sit Still Facebook page agreed waistbands tend to be too big, or trousers either too long or too short! All agreed that the sizing differs vastly form store to store.
I bought the monkeys some lovely fleeces the other day and unfortunately had to return them. They were just far too small. I got age 5-6 for big monkey and couldn't even get it over his head! Little monkey was bought age 3-4 yrs and I got it on him, then struggled to get it off. Such a shame, as they would have looked lovely in them!
This photo is little monkey wearing 6-9 month old velour leggings for his 1st Christmas. They were huge and he was actually almost 11 months old! They were far too long and too big around the waist, so fell off him!
I thought it was just woman's clothing that differed so greatly in size but really ALL clothing is the same! You'd have thought this was something the clothing/fashion industry would have sorted by now, wouldn't you?!
Maybe making clothes yourself is the way forward? I'd love to know your thoughts on children's clothing sizes. Would you ever make them yourself? Is there are store that gets sizing spot on?


Cuddledry Snuggle Monkey - Review

As you may already know we are Cuddledry super bloggers and have recently been sent the ALL NEW Snuggle Monkey Cuddledry Baby Apron Bath Towel to review.

The towel arrived very promptly from point of ordering, just days after hitting the 'shop floor'. It arrived in it's own presentation box, making it a perfect gift. Having already got the Original Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel we already know how thick and luxuriously soft the cuddledry range of towels are, and have not been at all disappointed with the quality of this new design.
It's made with clever microfiber technology and is super thick and super soft, making it super absorbent! This towel is perfect for children aged 3-6 years as it's so big and snugly. Big monkey couldn't wait to claim it for himself. He suited the monkey look perfectly. He is 6 this year and it fits him perfectly, and of course when he out grows it little monkey can have it.
  • Incredibly soft and absorbent - will dry your little one super quick!
  • Easy to clean - washes really well even at low temperatures
  • Made with superfine microfiber - fast drying and good for sensitive skin
  • Dries quickly - do not tumble dry
I love these towels as they are fun, keep the monkeys warm and last forever! I would highly recommend a Cuddledry towel finds it's way into any home with young children.
*We were sent this towel for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own*                                                                                                     
We're going on an adventure


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