Assembly To Be Proud Of #spreadalittlehappiness

Last Thursday saw us attending big monkeys 1st ever class assembly, where the parents were invited to watch. I was meant to be working, but wasn't going to miss the opportunity and I'm so glad I didn't. I honestly sat there with tears pricking my eyes, full of pride and with a big smile on my face! 
The theme was transport and he and each of his classmates had a piece to say, some of their work to show and they all took part in a song about transport! It was so wonderful to watch each and every one of them. Big monkey said his sentence word perfect and nice and clearly too. The children were so proud to be 'performing' in front of their loved ones!
I'm such a wuss at these things and always get emotional. I was especially so when all the children were given a surprise they had made to hand out to all us parents. Lovely calendars of the changing seasons. Something to treasure, along with the memories of the assembly for ever and ever.
This mummy left there with a beaming smile and a huge sense of relief that we made the best ever decision to send big monkey to that school back in 2012.
Mini Creations

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