Children's Clothes, Too Small?, Too Big?, Just Right?

Both the monkeys tended to be small as babies and always wore clothes that were a size or two smaller than their age. Eventually at around the age of 3-4 big monkey caught up and wore the correct size clothing for his age and continues to do so, although he has to wear trousers with an adjustable waist as he is slim. Little monkey is still wearing 18-24 month trousers and is in 2-3yr old tops. He will be 3 at the end of the month! The 2-3 trousers are the right length but huge around the waist, even those with the adjustable waistband. The tops are just starting to get too small. 
Now I could go into a certain popular store and get the 18-24 month trousers and 2-3 tops and both would fit fine, so why are clothes sizes so different from store to store? Why can't they be more universal across the board? I have some trousers for little monkey from another store that he will never be able to wear. The length was fine a while back but the waist was huge! A total waste of money.
Many parents feel the same. Most who commented on My Monkeys Don't Sit Still Facebook page agreed waistbands tend to be too big, or trousers either too long or too short! All agreed that the sizing differs vastly form store to store.
I bought the monkeys some lovely fleeces the other day and unfortunately had to return them. They were just far too small. I got age 5-6 for big monkey and couldn't even get it over his head! Little monkey was bought age 3-4 yrs and I got it on him, then struggled to get it off. Such a shame, as they would have looked lovely in them!
This photo is little monkey wearing 6-9 month old velour leggings for his 1st Christmas. They were huge and he was actually almost 11 months old! They were far too long and too big around the waist, so fell off him!
I thought it was just woman's clothing that differed so greatly in size but really ALL clothing is the same! You'd have thought this was something the clothing/fashion industry would have sorted by now, wouldn't you?!
Maybe making clothes yourself is the way forward? I'd love to know your thoughts on children's clothing sizes. Would you ever make them yourself? Is there are store that gets sizing spot on?

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