Dear Matilda Mae

Letters for Matilda Mae

Dearest Matilda
I never had the good fortune to meet you, but in the past year I have learnt so much about you. You have touched so many hearts and I shall never ever forget reading all the heart-wrenching posts your wonderful Mummy has written since you left. I have cried many a night reading them all.
So many people have tried to help support your Mummy, Daddy, brother and sister. We have cried, remembered, laughed, walked in wellies and raised awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in your memory sweet baby girl. Most days I think of your wonderful family and how they miss you so desperately.
Back in the Autumn I had the great honour of sitting at the same table as your Mummy at the Mad Blog Awards in London. I was in awe of her strength and determination to ensure you hadn't died in vain. We all cried with her when she bravely went up on stage to receive her Outstanding Blogger Award. She is a truly remarkable woman. You would be so so proud of all your Mummy stands for. 
I also had the absolute pleasure of attending the Welly Walk in your name. Being there really touched mine and my husbands hearts. We will never forget the feeling of warmth, sadness and of pride, being there that day.
Your memory lives on lovely and I hope you know there are lots of us wishing you had never been taken before you had a chance to live your life.
Look down on your loved ones lovely and be proud of how they are coping as hard as it is. I know they would all change the last year in a heartbeat to have you back in their arms. 

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