Proud Mummy Moment

Little monkey turns three this month and I've been wanting to take his dummy away for a while now. His big brother gave his up the week he turned two. He posted them to Postman Pat to take to the poorly children.
I had a plan for little monkey. Father Christmas would take his dummy and leave a gift in return. I even told him and he repeated what I said. Christmas Eve night came and I just didn't have the heart to do it. What a bad mummy! I think I told him what Father Christmas had planned and when he said no I didn't continue.
So, on the spare of the moment early last week when I was putting monkey to bed I just told him his dummy had gone, and you know what? He settled!! And the next night and the next.......
I'm so proud of him.
He hasn't had a dummy for about a week now and has done so well. He has barley asked for it. I think I we underestimate our children's ability to make change. I spent too much time worrying about actually doing it and look at the outcome!
Well done little monkey, you rock! xx

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