Room to Grow Book Review

Our latest Room to Grow book arrived just before Christmas. Our second book from their book sharing scheme, titled 'Who's In The Loo', it captured big monkeys attention right away!
Written by Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds, this book really is suited to big monkeys age group. Fun and colorful with rhyming pages and a great little tale.
I read this great book to both the monkeys and big monkey thought it was funny! I suppose any toilet talk is funny to a five year old!!

The tale of who is in the loo, a guessing game for those standing in the queue waiting for the loo! Was it you in the loo?

A cheeky read for little ones. We loved this book and think you will too!
*This book was sent to us as part of the Room to Grow book sharing scheme. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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