Week 2 Round Up for #Project365

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This week the monkeys have been back at school & preschool. I have been up to Norfolk for the day and there have been the usual weekly things to do. Here is our weekly round up for the 5th-11th Jan.
#Day5. Little monkey made this train with his Duplo and was proud to show it off! He loves trains so much and plays with them all day every day!
#Day6. I had an appointment to go to so little monkey and I were waiting outside one of the places Mr monkey works, so that we could swap cars and he could take monkey back home. This was the view from the car!
#Day7. Little monkey found a puddle on the way back home after Preschool. Usually I say no to jumping in muddy puddles without his wellies on but this was a special treat.....he has gone into school so well.
#Day8 Not so great as I attended my Nan's funeral but at the end of the wake I met my cousins newborn. She was less than a day old here! It was bittersweet saying goodbye to one member of the family and hello to another.
#Day9. Daddy was preparing to take little monkey out for a bus ride (another favourite thing of his), as I had another appointment. However he didn't want to wear his hat or pose for a photo!
 #Day10 saw little monkey insisting on making his own sandwich! He rather enjoyed picking the spread off the bread with his fingers more! Cheeky monkey!
#Day11 is big monkeys time to shine, after a busy week at school. He is is having just returned from football practice and considerably cleaner than I expected him!

I hope you have all enjoyed our week in pictures? See you again for our next weekly round up!

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