Week 3 Round Up For #Project365

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This week has been fairly quiet and non eventful really. Not bad nor fab either I suppose! I worked Sunday afternoon. Big monkey has been at school all week and little monkey at Preschool two mornings. I was ill Tues/Weds so not up to much either of those days! Thursday saw me back at work and then off into town with a friend for lunch whilst Daddy looked after little monkey. Friday was busy with a friend and her daughter over and later one of big monkey's best friends came over for tea. I'm off to work again later today! Here is our round up for 12th-18th Jan.

#Day12 I made myself an egg sandwich, which was delicious. The monkeys won't eat eggs!

#Day13 Shopping at the supermarket, little monkey insisted on sitting in the trolley!

#Day14 Little monkey LOVES trains and will spend hours building trains and playing with them!

#Day15 Having a go at his big brothers new game. They often play with each others toys!

#Day16 Having a nap in Mummy and Daddy's bed, not something we had planned but he is being funny about falling asleep in his own bed at the moment!

#Day17 The rain overnight was awful but we saw this fab sky whilst going back to the car.

Today I've had a sort out of some of the monkeys toys. They have far too many and no doubt more soon as it's little monkeys Birthday coming up!

We hope you like this weeks photo's and can come and leave a comment or two. Thank you.

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