Week 4 Round Up - #Project365

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This week feels more like normal after the mayhem of the New Year, the return to school and my Nan's funeral etc!
I've got a bit more done in the house and bought some more presents for little monkeys 3rd birthday next week. Generally we just pottered about here and there. Take a look at our week in photo's! They are for 19th-25th Jan 2014.
This was taken just down the road from us. It was beautiful there and I just had to capture the outlook!
Monday we went to the local retail park which just happens to be by the railway line! Can you guess what little monkey was watching?!
Here we are taking photo's of each other taking photo's. Cool camera there hey!
Little monkey not only plays with trains. He reads about them too :)
This is the very special calendar big monkey made and presented to us at his class assembly. We thoroughly enjoyed it there and left very proud parents.
Can you see a cheeky little monkey here hiding from his mummy, whilst playing with his beloved train table?!
Big monkey spent the last of his Christmas monkey on this keyring torch last night and has been paying with it this morning!

We hope you like our photo's. Next week we should have some of little monkey celebrating his birthday :)
We'd love to know what your week has been like too!

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