What A Superstar!

For a few weeks now, little monkey has been refusing to fall asleep in his own bed. He has been waking in the night after being moved to his own bed and refusing to stay there, so as you can imagine we have been having disturbed nights and have been anxious to nip this new regime in the bud. Up until now both monkeys have always settled well and have always been good sleepers, sleeping for a good 11hrs solid each night, so this recent behaviour has been a shock to the system.
Things came to a head the other night when little monkey took 2hrs to settle, as he kept getting up and coming downstairs. He eventually fell asleep in our bed with Daddy laying beside him, then came into our bed again in the night, resulting in lots of broken sleep for us all. He even managed to wake big monkey with his screaming and tears.
So, yesterday I just had to seek help and the lovely Fi from Childcare is Fun was recommended by lots of different parents on twitter. Fi and I emailed back and forth and last night I was on a mission to get little monkey settled in his own bed.
Now I won't say it was easy, as it wasn't at all. I so could have given up trying and let him settle in our bed BUT eventually after lots of tears from monkey, frustration from me (which I kept from him), and persistence, after 1hr and 20mins he did actually fall asleep in his own bed!! And to further my happiness and pride, he slept there all night, not waking once!
I know it's just one night but I'm so chuffed with him and thank Fi for her help. A small step but one in the right direction to getting the monkey back into his usual sleeping habit and brightening our days again. Well done little monkey, what a superstar. Mummy and daddy are so proud. xx
Ethans Escapades

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