Big Monkeys 1st Ever Trip to the Cinema!

Big monkey has never been one to sit and watch a film indoors, unlike his little brother. So until now, we haven't really considered taking him to the cinema as he hasn't really shown an interest and we felt he wouldn't sit through the entire screening.
BUT as you may have gathered we all love Lego in this house and The Lego Movie was previewing last weekend! Que question to big monkey. "Would you like to see the Lego movie at the cinema?" Of course, you can guess his answer! So, with much excitement big monkey and daddy set off to see a lunchtime screening last Sunday.
They got some popcorn and a drink and settled into their seats to watch the movie. Now I'm told it was very good and big monkey enjoyed it but they didn't stay the whole duration! Big monkey said his eyes were sore and he wanted to go home. They only saw the first half of the film. Daddy kind of expected they wouldn't see the whole film but felt torn. Did he insist they stay or leave after big monkey insisted he wanted to go home?! We'll have to wait until the DVD of the movie comes out, to see the film in it's entirety. And maybe try the cinema another time, but I think he liked the experience!
I for one would have loved to have seen it. I wonder when the DVD will be out?

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