Feeling Let Down

You may remember I've written in the past about how impressed I've been with the NHS and the local health authority where we live. Since having the monkeys, this has been especially so. Until now that is!
Little monkey has been under the weather and not himself since the day he turned 3 at the end of January. We are still baffled as to what's wrong. He first saw our GP for severe stomach cramps on his birthday, then a day or so later he developed a cough, cold and temperature. All of which have only just gone. Approximately ten days or so ago he vomited twice rather randomly and then again this past weekend he started vomiting. This has continued and he has had loose stools also. The surgery have been good in that they've seen him but have been unable to offer any explanation, except for a possible Rotavirus. We've been asked to provide a stool sample.
In the meantime we have watched him slowly going off his food, lose weight, and generally change from the usual happy, lively little monkey that he is. Tonight I took him back to the GP and he asked me what I wanted him to do! Surely I should be asking him that! The health authority have told us to keep him hydrated and ride it out but surely every parent would want to know why their child has been ill on and off for almost three weeks now, with no apparent let up in sight.
Tonight, I've finally been told the GP will arrange for little monkey to be seen tomorrow at the hospital by a pediatrician, so that they can check him over and run some tests if necessary. I don't like the fact that this needs to be done but of course I need to get to the bottom of the problem and will do whatever it takes to get my monkey back to his forma self!
This is a photo of the poor mite today.
I hope to give you a positive update as soon as possible.

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