Getting About On Two Wheels

This past week has featured bikes a fair bit. Monday saw little monkey trying out his brothers 'old' balance bike.
Tuesday Daddy, little monkey and I went into a local bike shop to look at buying me a new bike. Saturday my new bike was collected by Daddy and big monkey. Big monkey was very keen and eager to sit on it from the car to the front of the house, to 'present' it to me. Later he rode his bike, wearing his new helmet and I rode my new bike around our road. And Sunday I went for a bike ride to get used to it and to see how unfit I am.
It's lovely to have a bike again and big monkey is keen for us all to go out riding together. Maybe once daddy gets his serviced and little monkey masters the balance bike, this could be something to do as a family on a Sunday afternoon once we get a few more dry days!
It was great to see him so proud to 'ride' my new bike to me and watch me have a go on it!
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