Learning A New Skill

Nanny and Grandad recently stayed and big monkey asked Nanny to teach him to knit! I was taught years ago by my Nan and Mum but haven't knitted in donkey's years. So my Mum got big monkey some plastic child's needles and off to work they went! 
Big monkey took to it really quickly but just needs to master the needles which he found a little hard to handle being left handed. He did a fab job of knitting though and asked Nanny several times if he could do a bit more knitting! They made a scarf for one of little monkeys teddies! (Well Nanny did most of it and big monkey did a few stitches here and there! 
I think they did a great job and I'm chuffed he wanted to learn a new skill! The wool just needs pulling a little tighter on the needle but hey, everyone has to start somewhere don't they! 
Well done monkey!!

Ethans Escapades

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