Lego Chase-The Cops And Robbers

Now I don't know about you but I we love Lego in this house! Little monkey loves Duplo and big monkey loves Lego City, so I jumped at the chance for us to take part in a competition with Carcraft to win £100 worth of Lego. All we had to do was choose a Lego set from a selection on offer from Carcraft and then then get working on creating a scene with the Lego!
Mission accepted and mission commenced once a very excited big monkey had received his set and had constructed it.
Here is our 'take' on this High Speed Police Chase!
"Quick, there are robbers on the loose! They have broken into the bank and are now getting away with hundreds of £££'s" The Police are on the case and a chase is on......."
"Hey, hurry, he is closing in on you! Quick. Lets see if we can lose him! Follow me!"

"Damn, I'm losing them. Stop, stop!! You won't get away, I have back up on the way and all bases covered!"

"Eek, I never knew being chased by a Cop car could be so much fun! Hey, wait for me!! Roy, wait!

"Ha, Shelia, he won't find us hiding up here!.....Oh shucks, he just did! I think our days are numbered!"

"You are both under arrest and anything you say will be used in evidence! You will be charged and will not get away with this!"

"That money belongs to two monkeys who don't sit still! Their mum had banked it for a rainy day! You will now have to pay it back and give them compensation for the stress you have caused!"

This scene was created by big monkey with help from Mummy and Daddy! No Lego people were harmed in this chase and the car remained intact! If you would like us to create a scene for you, we charge by cake!! All types considered!

*For the purpose of the Carcraft competition we were gifted a Lego set*

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