Little Monkey Learns To Ride His Balance Bike

As you may know little monkey just turned 3yrs old so we thought it about the right time to try him on his big brothers 'old' balance bike. Until now little monkey has been happy to ride his smart trike but big monkey learnt to ride a pedal bike very quickly after firstly riding the balance bike and we want to give little monkey the same opportunity. 
Taking after me, little monkey has short legs so Daddy had to lower the seat on the bike all the way to it lowest setting, for him to reach the floor with his feet. But once he was on it and Daddy supported him, he loved having a go and here are the photo's of his first attempt at balance biking.
Big monkey was so chuffed to hear about his little brother's first bike ride and praised him, whilst giving him a big hug. He only went up and down the path a few times but it's a start. Well done little monkey.

Ethans Escapades

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