Little Monkey Turns 3!

This week my baby monkey aka little monkey turned 3yrs old! I really cannot believe he is already 3 and felt quite emotional thinking back to what seemed like 5 minutes ago, when he was born. Where has my baby gone!!
The birthday celebrations started with a little outing to the local soft play centre with a few of little monkeys friends for a play, whilst big monkey was at school.
Nanny and Grandad also came to stay to see him enjoy his birthday. The day itself didn't go quite to plan! Little monkey had a rough night and therefore slept in late, so he missed Preschool, where he would have been celebrating his birthday along with his keyworker.
We opened a few presents and popped into his school to give his keyworker a birthday card, but soon afterwards little monkey started to complain about severe tummy ache. This came and went but by late morning he was in a real state, so I managed to get him an emergency appointment at the Doctors. We met Daddy there and after a short wait, the Doctor examined little monkey and felt he had some sort of colicky spasms. We were asked to take him home, monitor him and give regular pain relief, and the Doctor would phone us later to check on the patient.

Poor monkey sat cuddled up on my lap for the next hour, his presents and cards remained unopened in front of us. Another relapse, saw him and I laying on in his bed and then he seemed to make a bit of a recovery!
By the time big monkey arrived back from school, little monkey was opening presents and playing with is new toys. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and let him blow out the candles on his cake and then dug in. One of Nanny's friends made the cake for him.

Unfortunately, we had already postponed our planned family meal out that evening, so his favourite dinner of pasta it was and then a reasonably early night for little monkey.
We did however take monkey for his beloved bus ride during the day on Saturday and then enjoyed our meal out at Frankie and Benny's in the evening. Sadly both monkeys have colds, so little monkey was looking a little tired and under the weather during the meal.
Despite him being poorly I think it's safe to say, he loved his gifts and cake and kept singing Happy Birthday to himself! 
A magical family birthday for our little monkey. Next year the party's begin!

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