Love Stationary? Love Viking!

I don't know about you, but when I was young enough to go to school (many moons ago), I just loved stationary! I loved nothing more than a new pencil case crammed full of pens, a ruler, an eraser, felt tip pens, compass etc. And of course my school bag had to have an A4 pad of paper in it and any other stationary I could make use of! 
Some of these items are tucked away in a box somewhere, even now. I may of actually used them if I could locate them but there's no need! Viking have come to the rescue!
Viking are a global company, established in 1960, present in over 11 countries worldwide.
Viking employs over 1300 people in the UK alone and have built their success by selling great products at great prices, while offering customer service that is regarded as the best in the industry. The UK headquarters is based in Leicester. I first heard of Viking whilst working for a local authority several years ago, as they used them for all their office supplies. Recently we received an assortment of stationary from them and a little something extra!
The chocolates and hot chocolate have been a very welcome addition in our house, and we have put some of the stationary to good use so far. We are always in need of a pen or two and I'm always searching around in the kitchen draw for note paper. Thanks to Viking I now know where I can shop from the comfort of the sofa to get all the essentials that I know big monkey will be needing in school eventually.
Viking sell a huge range of different products for the home and work and don't just sell stationary. As you can see they sell some favourites and much much more!
They have a complete A-Z index of what there is available to buy. Why not go and take a look for yourself? I know I will be having a scout around the website to see what bargains I can bag myself!
Now, where did I put my pen?!

*We were sent these items FOC for this post*

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