Week 6 Round Up-Project365

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Where is the year going?! Its nearly half-term already! I best get activity planning I suppose, else big monkey will be climbing the walls and saying he is bored.
Last Sunday, we had a lovely family outing in the sunshine. The rain has been relentless, so it made a nice change. On Tuesday I actually went to the gym for the 1st time in months and enjoyed it! I can't say I've been since though! We have mainly been playing indoors and of course the monkeys have been to school and preschool. We hope you've had a good week?
#Day33. What a gorgeous sunny day. The monkeys and daddy posing at the Quay in Maldon.
#Day34. This is big monkeys finished glazed plate! Fab wouldn't you agree?!
#Day35. Mickey went on an adventure to big monkeys class for a 'trip to Disneyland'.
#Day36. Yet another train set! This time a new birthday present for little monkey.
#Day37. "Help mummy, I'm stuck!" What is he like! After I saved him he did it again!
#Day38. Love that reflection! He thinks home time is 'puddle' time!
 #Day 39. Little monkey has been ill, so is chilling whilst big bro watches Turbo.
Lazy day for us today!

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our photo's and that you've had a good week! See you here next week for our Week 7 round up!

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