Week 7 Round Up #Project365

What a wet week! Another one. How many is that now? Could be much worse here though and we have had some sun. I just feel so bad for all those affected by the floods. So bad! Well, our week started with more illness, little monkey wasn't right until sometime Sunday. Big monkey had his 1st ever trip to the cinema last Sunday. Little monkey and I stayed tucked up indoors in the dry, seeing as he was getting over whatever bug he had. The week has generally been good and of course it's now half term. 
Here is our week in photo's! 9th-15th Feb 2014.
Day 40. Whoops, 1st thing whilst daddy was out for a run! Both playing games.
Day 41. Little monkey had his 1st go on his brothers 'old' balance bike. He seemed to enjoy it.
Day 42. Popped into a pub restaurant we love for a quick coffee with little monkey. It's next to the bike shop where I'd just bought a new bike.
Day 43. We won a 'My Carry Potty' book and thankfully LM loved listening to the story, so I've ordered him his very own carry potty too. We will crack this!
Day 44. Aww, how cute are they when they are asleep! I love hoe children sleep in the funniest positions.
 Day 45. Romantic meal for two anyone? Sausage and chips for me. Mr and I are off out for a meal together Saturday night.
 Day 46. Little monkey showing off his new helmet and delivering my new bike. The helmet saved his head when he ran into a brick wall! Silly monkey!

How has your week been? I hope you've avoided all the floods?

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