Week 8 Round Up - #Project365

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How quickly is this year going! This week started off really well but took a dip and will hopefully end up being OK. The Mr took the weekend off so we all enjoyed family time, which was lovely. We squeezed a lot in, especially as the sun shone all day Sunday. I even managed to get half an hour out on my new bike. Sunday teatime through to Wednesday night was mainly spent mopping up vomit and changing mucky pull ups! Little monkey was rather poorly. Thankfully he seems to be back to his usual self give or take the odd toilet issue. We've no idea what he had but luckily the rest of us have avoided getting it too. Another fine sunny day Friday, so the monkeys and I went to Southend for a few hours. We had a great time but it was much windier than expected and a tad chilly too! Little monkey did make me laugh. He asked to use his buggy and kept asking me to close the window's! (Assuming he meant hood).
Here are our photo's for Week 8 (16th-22nd
Day 47. A rare photo of me with the monkeys (I'm usually behind the camera)
Day 48. Belated gift from hubby as there was an error with the original order!
Day 49. Daddy and big monkey 'hiding' from us looking at them from the window! 
Day 50. Poorly monkey spend the day either on my lap or in my bed! Meanwhile daddy had to hire a carpet cleaner for the lounge!!
Day 51. Almost better but still chilling out. Watching Monster University with Daddy.
Day 52. That's better. The sun is shining and we went to Southend! They wanted ice cream, not that LM ate it all.
Day 53. Yay, another sunny day. This time we went to a local museum and park, where there are two near play area's! Twas a bit muddy and wet under foot though!

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