We've Been Bowling!

Typical that we chose the one sunny day we've had recently to take the monkeys Tenpin Bowling. But we had promised them and could not go back on our word! Big monkey has bowled before but little monkey has only ever watched, so he was very pleased to be joining in this time! We chose to go about 1pm Sunday. It was fairly quiet seeing as the weather was so good, (more on that another time!). Not cheap at over £22 for the four of us to play one game with shoe hire, but well worth the money for the fun the monkeys had and the joy on their faces.
Oh those shoes you have to wear! They're so glamorous aren't they! Luckily they had some in little monkey's size and he didn't hesitate having them put on. Our names were put into the scoring screen for our lane and away we went. Big monkey, little monkey, me then daddy. The monkeys used the ramp to roll their balls down the alley and daddy got two strikes, which saw high fives all round! Even little monkey was impressed! Until then daddy had admitted to being poor at the game but somehow luck prevailed! Damn those strikes! I wanted to beat him! ;)
Little monkeys face was such a picture each time he took his go. A fun way to spend some family time and get a little competitive amongst friends. We had a great time.

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