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Until now little monkey has never really been one for learning his numbers and colours. He prefers to play with his trains and cars. Just playing like little boys do. Just recently though I've noticed a change in him. He has been pointing out things he sees and saying what colour they are. He has also been heard to count 1,2,3. 
Today, we were thrilled and delighted when he actually counted to 10!! Now, he said the numbers more than correctly counted the objects he was playing with, but even so I had no idea he could do this! I felt so proud hearing him. My little monkey is learning and growing into a big boy so quickly. A truly magic moment and one I knew I had to share with you all. Both monkeys continue to amaze me.


Silent Sunday



Week 13 Round Up #Project365

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Week 13. A fairly normal week for us. Work, school and Preschool. Except there have been some things slightly different to the norm! Big monkey's school had a Pirate themed day on Tuesday and I went along in the afternoon to help in a workshop his year were doing. That was great fun. Little monkey had an unexpected and slightly worrying 3hr sleep the other day. Why? I'm not sure but he isn't ill and it didn't affect his sleep at all that night! The highlight of the week is my parents coming to stay for Mother's Day Sunday. The monkeys are always so excited to see their Nanny and Grandad. I'm looking forward to time with my mum on Mother's Day too.
Here are our photo's. Days 82-88.
#Day82. "Let us out! Let us out!"
#Day83. "Too scary Mummy" Remembering the large Goose!
#Day84. "Ahoy there me hearty's! Shiver me timbers!"
#Day85. Playing with his train and track. Love this pic.
#Day86. Loving the Roses big monkey chose for me. Still looking great 5 days in.
#Day87. Celebrating big monkeys football medal for goal scoring!
#Day88. Enjoying the sunshine with an ice cream after playing in the park!

We're linking up our post with The Boy and Me and hope to see more of you there on the 365 linky.


Word of the Week!

This week has been all about waiting. I'm waiting for some medication to take effect. I've been given it to help with headaches I've been having lately. Hubby is waiting to collect his new glasses from the opticians. Thing is they won't be ready now when he was expecting them! We are both waiting for little monkeys pre-op assessment next week and his minor op next Friday. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a bit anxious about that. Also, we are all waiting for the arrival of my parents (nanny and grandad), who are visiting for the weekend! I rarely get to see my mum on Mother's Day, so it will be lovely to see her. We are all off out for lunch on Sunday. I'm hoping for a big fat lie in first though! I wonder if I'll get one? 

Therefore this weeks word of the week is: 
For a bus!
The Reading Residence


LolliBop 2014-Exciting News

Last year was our 1st time at LolliBop. We were fortunate to win family tickets, so were keen to see what all the fuss was about. We had been told so many exciting things about it by friends, we couldn't wait to see for ourselves!
We had a great day and the monkeys loved the whole thing. You can see my blog post here.
Stratford was easy for us to get to but I felt people who had been before just didn't feel it was the same at that venue. I couldn't really comment having never been before but I do know, the monkeys traveled home exhausted but happy and full of stories from the day.
Watching Alex and friends on the main stage
This year the event will be somewhere new, just an hours drive away for us. We really hope to see you there!

LolliBop, the UK’s biggest kids festival, has announced its 2014 festival will take place at Hatfield House, in August from 15th-17th.

"Situated in Herfordshire, just off the A1 or just 22 minute's train journey from London Kings Cross, the stunning country house and gardens of Hatfield House offer an incredible array of spaces to house LolliBop’s vast activity and entertainment programme.

Renowned for bringing some of the biggest names in children’s entertainment to it's live stage's, LolliBop also plays host to science and educational zones, craft areas and adventure activities. The 2014 line up promises to be more diverse; exciting and extraordinary than ever before, with a host of brand new names, partnerships and play never before seen at LolliBop!!"

LolliBop Early Bird tickets go on sale on March 28, priced £17.50 per person.
Hatfield House-the new LolliBop venue



An Interview With Big Monkey, Aged 5 & 3/4yrs!

Recently Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum tagged me in a question and answer meme. The idea is to interview one of your children with the following questions and see what they come up with! I interviewed big monkey and here are his answers! 
Big Monkey dressed as Spider Man on World Book Day
 1. What is something Mummy always says to you?
 Tidy up!

2. What makes Mummy happy?
Everyone being nice to her.

3. What makes Mummy sad?
When I’m naughty.

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?
When she tickles me!

5. What was your Mummy like as a child?
Little! (I suppose he has a point there!)

6. How old is your Mummy?
42! (He was meant to tell a fib there!)

7. How tall is your Mummy?
As tall as the fridge! (It's tall!)

8. What is your Mummy's favourite thing to do?
Go on her phone! Whoops!

9. What does your Mummy do when you're not around?
I don’t know!

10. If your mummy becomes famous, what will it be for? 
Being good at spelling words (I’m not at all!)

11. What is your Mummy really good at?
Telling me what to do! Lol!

12. What is your Mummy not very good at?
Throwing balls high!
Me at the school sports day last year
 13. What does your Mummy do for her job?
Goes to work on Sundays!

14. What is your Mummy's favourite food?
Fish fingers and chips! (It’s not!)

15. What makes you proud of your Mummy.
She does stuff that is good and if she wins I’m proud of her! Awe.

16. If your Mummy was a cartoon character, who would she be?
Lightening McQueen! Ha ha.

17. What do you and your Mummy do together?
Normally play games.

18. How are you and your Mummy the same?
We normally have the same colour shirts! ???

19. How are you and your mummy different?
We have different hair.

20. How do you know your Mummy loves you?
Because we are all a family!
The family!
 21. What does your Mummy like most about your Daddy?
They are married together.

22. Where is your Mummy's favourite place to go?
Shops to get food! (Apparently!)

I'd love to know what your children say Rachael at L-Plate Mummy, Jaime at The Oliver's Madhouse and Jocelyn at The Reading Residence. I hope you can join in.


Week 12 Round Up #Project365

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky
Twelve weeks into 2014, it's just whizzing by! We've had two birthdays this week. The Mr's and the blogs! He turned 41 and the blog turned 1. This has made me both pleased and proud! 
Whilst big monkey has been at school, little monkey has been on his favourite bus ride twice this week. The weather has been kind again, so they monkeys have played in the garden. I've even managed some 'me' time in town for a girly catch up with one of my good friends.
Here is our week in photo's for #Project365. Sun 16th-Sat 22nd March 2014.
#Day75. Sunny Sunday in Frinton for Daddy's Birthday.
#Day76. Our Magnolia in bud. It's a dwarf version. Now 8yrs old.
#Day77. In his element watching the buses drive past, whilst waiting for daddy in town.

#Day78. Sorting through my 'Must make more effort' Stash of goodies. A bonus they were free or in the sales.
#Day79. Having fun with daddy in the garden. Think I sneaked indoors for a crafty cuppa!
#Day80. Shopping before Preschool. It was dull before we went in store & the sun shone.

#Day81. Enjoying the food at big monkey's classmates party today!

We hope you've all had a fab week and look forward to seeing your photo's too.


Glorious Frinton

Last Sunday was Mr Monkeys birthday, so we decided to take to the coast after lunch. We live fairly close to the large seaside towns of Southend and Clacton but love the quiet of Frinton On Sea. It's more our style for a quiet afternoon stroll, ice cream and chips by the sea. (Gosh we sound old don't we!).

We got there about 2pm to glorious sunshine. It was busy but not crowded, which was fab. The monkeys immediately asked for an ice cream, so we queued up for one. It was delicious and so inexpensive too! Next we walked down onto the seafront.

We had forgotten buckets and spades so the monkeys used stones and their hands to play in the sand. They loved it. The tide was out far enough for them to play and stay safe away from the water. The beach huts are so fab, I'd love one but alas they are far too expensive for us. A great sight lined up along the front though! 
After the monkeys had finished playing we all popped back into the car and drove to the top end of the high street.

Adorned with small cafes, shops and quaint stores, it's not your typical high street! We got some chips to eat from the paper (like you do at the coast) and took them back to the sea front. They were yummy and great to eat whilst sitting on a picnic blanket on the grass, even if it was a bit chilly by then and breezy too! We really did have a fabulous afternoon, and hope to visit there again in the summer. Daddy had a lovely birthday.

We hope you've managed to get out and about this week? Do let us know.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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