Glorious Frinton

Last Sunday was Mr Monkeys birthday, so we decided to take to the coast after lunch. We live fairly close to the large seaside towns of Southend and Clacton but love the quiet of Frinton On Sea. It's more our style for a quiet afternoon stroll, ice cream and chips by the sea. (Gosh we sound old don't we!).

We got there about 2pm to glorious sunshine. It was busy but not crowded, which was fab. The monkeys immediately asked for an ice cream, so we queued up for one. It was delicious and so inexpensive too! Next we walked down onto the seafront.

We had forgotten buckets and spades so the monkeys used stones and their hands to play in the sand. They loved it. The tide was out far enough for them to play and stay safe away from the water. The beach huts are so fab, I'd love one but alas they are far too expensive for us. A great sight lined up along the front though! 
After the monkeys had finished playing we all popped back into the car and drove to the top end of the high street.

Adorned with small cafes, shops and quaint stores, it's not your typical high street! We got some chips to eat from the paper (like you do at the coast) and took them back to the sea front. They were yummy and great to eat whilst sitting on a picnic blanket on the grass, even if it was a bit chilly by then and breezy too! We really did have a fabulous afternoon, and hope to visit there again in the summer. Daddy had a lovely birthday.

We hope you've managed to get out and about this week? Do let us know.

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