Goosey Goosey Gander...........

Twice recently with the weather getting better, little monkey and I have been to a lovely duck pond not too far from us to feed the ducks. The first time, all was well and we fed the ducks who gobbled the bread up. I took some photo's and after a little while we went off elsewhere. The second time wasn't quite the same!
A large goose was parading the path in front of the pond. Once it spotted us, it headed our way. Of course little monkey cowered behind my legs and started making off. I picked him up but quite frankly I was worried the goose would peck at us! Quickly I threw some bread away from us in the the other direction and this stopped the goose from heading our way. "Yes", I thought, "We are feeding those ducks and you goose will not worry us"!! Luckily it was too busy eating the bread to worry, and little monkey and I continued to feed the ducks, without a hitch. Only it got out of the pond again when the bread was gone! Now was our time to exit. I've heard the goose has been there years and is very territorial! Lol. We will go back again, I just hope it sticks to it's island in the pond and leaves us happy and content doing what we intended! We love the spring, when the weather is improving and we can get out and about more. There has been a marked improvement of late. This can only be a good thing.

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