Mumbucks Rewards - Review & Giveaway

I've posted in the past about the struggles we have had from time to time with regards to big monkeys behaviour. We have tried various ways to combat the different challenges that face us, including reward charts and the naughty step to name a few, but until recently had not heard of MumBucks.
Notes in Wallet with reward sheet
A 'motivating reward system for kids'.
Mumbucks has been created by mum and entrepreneur Amanda Allerton who also created the Dream Tubes. She needed another motivational system to use with her own children when traditional reward/behaviour systems no longer had the desired effect.
Mumbucks contains 82 Mumbucks notes, and a family reward sheet to personalise. The idea is to earn Mumbucks for good behaviour, save them for treats and trade them for favourite things. They help teach the value of money, encourage positive behaviour, can be used by all carers, are portable and the chart can be personalised to fit in with the family.
The sheet which can be personalised
We have been reviewing Mumbucks and will be continuing to use them as they seem to be having the desired affect at the moment. 

We have agreed with big monkey, he will get them for:
Making his own breakfast (something he loves doing)
Making his own bed
Choosing his clothes for the next day
Staying in bed early in the morning
Doing as he is asked (without being told 1000 times)
Helping to tidy his toys away before bed

Each note in our house is worth 20 pence decided by the monkey himself.
He can use his earned Mumbucks for:
10 minutes on the iPad or
10 minutes on his Wii or
10 minutes roller skating or
10 minutes watching football or
10 minutes making things

Big monkey has currently earned 5x20 pence in Mumbucks and seems keen to stick to our agreed goals (not all at once), to earn them. I'm really hoping they will be something we can introduce to little monkey too if and when the need arises. I just hope they have longevity, as like Amanda we have found often Big monkey gets bored with incentives. Keep your fingers crossed!
Big monkey 2st Mumbucks
Mumbucks have a great Mumbucks Club on their website where parents can share their experiences, download extra reward sheets, enter competitions and more!
You can use Mumbucks too now, as I'm running a giveaway to win a set worth £14.99. Just complete the rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of trying them with your little ones. Giveaway Ends midnight 23/03. Good Luck!

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*We were sent MumBucks for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own*
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