My Hopes For The Future

Since Mr Monkey and I met things have been somewhat hectic! We met in October 2005. Went away to New York together just a few months later and the following Easter got we engaged! I moved to Essex to live with him in the June.
The Mr & I in New York 2005
Quickly our Wedding plans were underway. I loved every moment of planning our big day. The Wedding took place twenty months after we met, it was such a wonderful day. We honeymooned in Kenya and very soon after our return home to married life we discovered I was carrying big monkey. He came along the following May. Things then calmed down a little, except for the feeding, winding, bathing and changing that goes with having a baby, but life was good.
I love this dress
We had wanted a sibling for big monkey sooner than little monkey actually came along, but hey, these things don't always go to plan do they! There are thirty three months between the two of them. Little monkey arrived four days late in Jan 2011. Once again we settled into family life.
Big monkey 2008
Since then, we have seen our family develop into the unit it is today. 
Little monkey 2011
I'd be lying if I said it's been a walk in the park, far from it at times but I have what I've always wanted. More money would be nice of course, and a bigger house. Maybe even a foreign holiday but I know we'll have those things one day! Gone are the dreams of a lottery win, hard work and perseverance is the key. So one day, we will get that family holiday to Florida, a weekend shopping trip to New York for hubby and I and a new family car. At least that's what hubby and I keep telling ourselves! Ultimately, what I really want for the future, is for us all to be healthy and happy. For the monkeys to be happy at school and doing well. I'd like them to have fun with their friends and for hubby's business to continue to grow. I'd like to get fit and re-discover little old me!

Too much to ask? I don't think so. I'd love to know what your hopes for the future are?

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