Week 10 Round Up - #Project365

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Where do the weeks go? It's crazy we are at week 10! This week has been fairly quiet and full of Literacy at school for big monkey. They have been doing bits each day, culminating in dressing up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day. In other news, I've been doing the usual day to day stuff and little monkey continues to love his trains and Lego! 
Here is our week 10 round up. #Days 61-67

#Day 61. Hey there! We're over here! At Hylands Park again.
#Day 62. The Goose on the loose! A big en.
#Day 63. Little monkeys wonderful butterfly. I love this!
#Day 64. He insisted on pushing even though he could not see where he was going!
#Day 65. Having elevenses. No, the coffee was not his!
#Day 66. Look how blue that sky is! So lovely to see and more frequent now.
#Day 67. Watching the ducks whilst devouring their ice creams. Another sunny day! 

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