Working Out With Daddy

When little monkey was poorly the other week during half term, we thought it best we get big monkey out of the house. Doing something, instead of avoiding sick buckets and disturbing a sleepy brother! Only we had no childcare and Mr Monkey needed to work. He is self employed and had already taken time off. So he decided to take big monkey to work at the gym with him!
Both of us were nervous big monkey would get bored, fed up or be too fidgety but we couldn't have been more wrong! He loved his day with daddy.
He joined in with a Pilates class hubby teaches.
Here he is doing a plank
He did some boxing in a personal training session. 
In the boxing ring with my gloves!
He even used some of the gym equipment. It would seem sport and the health industry really is in the blood, as he appears to take just after daddy!
On the machines
This video was taken during the personal training session and might explain why big monkey fell asleep on the sofa that night before bed! 
Big monkey came home full of his day at work with Daddy and gave hubby's clients some entertainment. They all enjoyed him being there. The day was a surprise success.

*We have been given express permission to publish the video from the client and Unique Results Gym.*


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