I've Been Nominated!

I have been nominated for this fab Very Inspiring Blog Award by Alice Megan Thank you Alice. I feel very honoured. I'd love to nominate some other fab bloggers but 1st I shall tell you 7 facts about me!  
1) I'm a twin
2) I hate tomatoes
3) My dad was in the Navy
4) I hate snakes
5) I used to be a real sun worshiper
6) I'm rubbish at maths
7) I once won a student of the year award at college
Now, here are the people people I nominate. I hope you accept your award and wish to nominate too! 
There are just a few award rules;
Thank and link to the amazing person that nominated you.
List the rules as well and display the award.
Share seven facts about yourself.
Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you've nominated them (provide a link to your post).   
This rule is optional, you can proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g, on your sidebar and also follow the blogger that nominated you.

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