Little Monkey Gets Grommets

Last Friday little monkey was amazing. He had to have a general anesthetic to have grommets fitted in both ears. We had to be at the hospital for 07.30 and he was to be NIL by mouth from 02.30. He could only drink clear fluids up to 06.30. I predicted this would be an issue as he usually asks for something to eat as soon as he wakes. However he did not!
He let us dress him, drop his brother off at a friends and take him to the hospital, without once asking for anything to eat or drink. Even on the ward he didn't ask. The nurses on the ward were fab. They made little monkey feel welcome as soon as he arrived and immediately put 'magic' cream on both his hands to numb the area for the cannula. They put his name tag around his wrist and checked his oxygen levels, all while trying to put his mind at rest and make him feel safe. He did have a little wobble, and a little cry after all this was carried out, (so too did mummy), but he was a superstar and let them get on with their job.
Then there was time to play for he was 2nd on the list, so we were told he would go into theatre about 09.15. Luckily little monkey could see his beloved buses from the window in the playroom of the ward so they kept his mind off what was going on. During his time in there the surgeon came to see us and spoke to him and us about the op. He happily chatted to little monkey about the buses too!
Next the anesthetist came over and asked if he could chat to us at little monkeys bed. He spoke to little monkey and asked his name. Asked us what medication if any he was on, and asked if we had any questions. Then he told us little monkey had actually been put to the front of the list as the little baby who had been first had been given a drink by it's mother. So we were to be taken down in 5 minutes! Yikes!
I took him down to theatre. I carried him there whilst a lovely nurse escorted us carrying an iPad with Peppa Pig playing, to distract little monkey. He was easily distracted! Once in theater, he sat on my lap playing a Peppa Pig game on the iPad, whilst 2 anesthetists prepared to insert the cannula into his hand behind my back, then put him to sleep. They did what they needed to quietly and quickly and were so nice and calming. They explained what would happen to him once the meds went into the cannula and then asked if I was ready. I supported little monkey on the table whilst they put him to sleep which literally took seconds. They laid him down gently and then thanked me and told me they would call when he was ready to come back to the ward. I have to say the whole thing was far easier than I had imaged and was far less upsetting than I had thought. I did however have a little cry when back on the ward with Daddy, who had also found it emotional waiting for my return. 
So, in their hands, we left little monkey to have his op and popped to the coffee shop to grab a quick drink and snack. We were told to be back on the ward about half an hour later, so that one of us was there when they woke little monkey. Of course, we weren't going to let him down.
A nurse came to fetch me soon after we were told to be back on the ward and we went down, a fair way to the recovery room so that I could collect little monkey. I could hear him before I could see him. He was crying and distressed, which worsened on the way back to the ward and continued for an hour. Little monkey was very disorientated, couldn't stay still in our arms and could not be pacified, but we were told by the nurses that this was completely normal for a child his age. It wasn't very nice to see but after that 1st hour, he calmed right down and was pretty much back to normal. 
Once he had settled and had shown he could keep food down, we waited for the surgeon who had done the op to give us the go ahead to take little monkey home. 
We actually left at 12 noon.
Both of us amazed at how well he had taken everything in his stride and come out smiling. He was a little sleepy later that afternoon but slept as usual that night, all night and was his normal self the remainder of the weekend. We were advised to keep him quiet at home for the weekend and continue as usual from Monday. However, he can't get his ears wet in the bath and we must be careful washing his hair. He isn't allowed swimming for 2 months until he has had his follow up appointment.
The hospital staff were fantastic and I have no concerns what so ever about the care and attention we all received that day. The NHS at it's best! We even saw the helicopter taking off when returning to the car, as if to treat little monkey.

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