Me Time On My Bike

I've been mindful for a while now, that I need to exercise more, eat less and have some more me time. With an adversion to exercise and a love of food, plus a distinct lack of time to myself this is something which does not happen. Today I woke determined to make a start on these things and with the sun shining and the day promising to be a warm one, I decided a bike ride was in order.
I've always loved being out in the sunshine, so a bike ride as opposed to a session at the gym was really rather appealing. This was only possible as both monkeys were at school today. 
So, armed with my cycle helmet, mobile in my pocket and of course my bike, I set off. As soon as I set off down the road and felt the breeze rushing around me I felt great, and knew I could do this!
Nearby to us is the River and a lock where some boats are moored, it really isn't that far away at all but feels like you're in the heart of the countryside when you're there. So that's where I headed. It was so glorious, peaceful, warm, and just what I needed. I stopped the bike and took some photo's, took in the scenery and just enjoyed being there.  

On the move again, I rode 4 miles in total around the route I had in my minds eye. It was only the 2nd time I had ridden this bike but I think I did well. I got some exercise, had some me time and had some fresh air too. I even made a start on the food front! A lovely way to spend some of the time while both boys were out at school.


 A job well done.

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