Parragon Book Buddies March Book Review

As you may have gathered we love books and Big monkey in particular is keen to get hold of them when he can to practice his reading. He is above the expected level of reading at school and is keen to be a free reader asap!
So, we are enjoying being Parragon Book Buddies, and reviewing a new book each month. This time it's 'Hold That Thought Milton'. Written by the award winning Linda Ravin Lodding and illustrated by Ross Collins, the book is fun, colourful and right up nearly six year old monkey's street! All about Milton's pet frog Burp, it's a comical tale about how he goes missing the day before Aunt Lulu's wedding. Everyone is too busy to listen to Milton and his worries.
We really enjoyed this great tale and looking at the fun illustrations throughout.

Go and get it for yourself and see how much fun to read it is. You can buy it here.
 I'd love to know if you have little book worms too?

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