The Day is Finally Upon Us!

Today, whilst you are reading this we will be at the hospital with little monkey. He is having grommets fitted in both his ears because he has Glue Ear. It was first discovered when he was referred for a hearing test at around 18 months due to delayed speech. At least 6 hearing tests later, over an 18 month period here we are. 
About to watch him go to sleep whilst they fit the little grommets which will open up the tubes in his ears, to allow him to hear more effectively, thus allowing him to speak more clearly and reach his full potential when learning.
Scared? No. Nervous? Yes. Why? Just because. It's his first ever operation, no one wants to see their child upset and disorientated, and because I'm his mum. It's my job to be nervous for him and worry of course! 
The hospital staff have been great so far and I don't doubt their ability to carry out this procedure. I just don't like the thought of him laying there on the operating table in theater without me, under general anesthetic. Boy, it's even scary for an adult. I know I was when I had a general about a year after big monkey was born!
So, whilst you are going about your usual Friday, think of little monkey and I'll update you on here when he is home and settled. 
Thanks for reading.
My gorgeous little monkey

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