The Monkeys Rock!

Last week was good. Yes we had little monkeys operation to deal with but that went well and there were other great things too! More on the op later! 
Big monkey came home from school on Thursday with his school report. It's the 2nd one we've had since he started school in 2012 and again it was just fab. He really has made us so proud. A very positive and glowing report, he loves school and is doing great. He excels in Maths and all things sport. Now why does that not surprise me! He certainly does not take after me with maths, that's for sure.....I'm rubbish!
We are thrilled with what his teacher and the headmistress wrote on his report, and are delighted he is so happy and has lots of friends. On Friday he came away from Football after school with a medal for his football achievements too! You rock monkey. Well done.
This is actual another medal but similar to the one he got Friday!
Now to little monkey and how he coped with his minor op Friday. He blew us away! Just a few tears and he listened, let the surgeon, anesthetists and nurses do their jobs and came away a very brave super dude! More details to follow but he totally coped far better than we could ever have imagined. I'm so so proud of both monkeys this week. They really have made us so happy.
Earlier last week, out with Mummy!

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