What A Week To Get Outdoors - Photo's

How fab that the first week of the Easter Holidays has been so dry, generally warm and sunny. We've packed in lots of outdoor time, as you can see!
Big monkey got a medal last Friday for playing football after school. So too did all the players.

On Tuesday we spent the day with friends, AK, Finn and Molly May from My Buggy Junction. The boys all loved playing together after train spotting!

On Wednesday we met the monkeys cousin and my sister in law Tropical Wings Zoo. The monkeys love spending time with their cousin and she is very good with them. They all had such fun.

Whilst I was working on Thursday, the monkeys went into town with Daddy on the bus, and played in Central Park. They played football and visited Cake on the Lake for refreshments.

Later that afternoon I took them to Hylands Park to meet friends and have a play. We also popped to our local play area teatime Friday. Next week we hope to have more outdoor fun in Suffolk!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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