Week 22 - #365 Round Up

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Half term holidays almost over. I can't believe big monkey only has another half term at school, before finishing year one. My biggest baby is growing up too quickly! 
We've had a fun filled week on the whole, though the monkeys were little devils Friday! Despite the mostly wet weather, we've had little time indoors doing not a lot. Here's our round up for #Days 145 to 151.
Day 145. Selfie before leaving for work! Home alone briefly as the monkeys went out with Daddy for the afternoon.
Day 146. We met friends for lunch at Bluewater and I got an early Birthday present from Mr Monkey. I was so excited to spot these. I'll be wearing them to BritMums!
Day 147. I think it rained all day! We went to friends in the morning, then the monkeys and I set to work making these after lunch.
Day 148. Nana came over and we all went on the bus into town where she bought the monkeys MacDonalds for lunch.
Day 149. We surprised the boys with a bus and train ride to the Olympic Park at Stratford. It's a great place to explore.
Day 150. Big monkeys caterpillars arrived today ready to grow into Butterflies for his butterfly habitat. We're excited to watch them evolve.
Day 151. Sadly an unhappy monkey in the car and very heavy traffic meant I had to rethink our plans today and we diverted off the M25. The monkeys are waiting for a train ride at Wat Tyler Park here. We had been on our way to the Tilda Barn Dance in Kent for The Lullaby Trust.

I hope you've all had a great week!


Out & About At Stratford

We decided to take the monkeys on a train yesterday. Initially we thought we'd take them to Colchester, but then I had a brainwave. We'd go to the station on the black bus (park and ride), then head up to Stratford on the train and take them to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This was made more exciting by the fact we told them only, that we were going on a surprise outing.

The monkeys only guessed that we were off on a train when we got off the bus across the road from the station. Little monkeys face was a picture when the train departed the station!
Stratford is less than 40 minutes from town by train, but long enough for both monkeys to enjoy the ride. Whilst on the train the monkeys were told where we were off to. Big monkey thought we were going to London. Liverpool Street to be exact. He was chuffed when I told him we were actually going to the Olympic Park. 

Having reached our destination we popped into Westfield Statford City for a quick bite to eat in the food court and then made our way to the Olympic Park, which is minutes away from the station and Westfield.

The actual stadium is closed to the public at present except for special events. There is construction work going inside, but the park has been open since April 5th and has a lot to offer families. 
As you walk into the Park the stadium sits ahead of you and near that is the Aquatics Center. For £1 per adult you can go inside and take a look around, sit in the stands and see where Tom Daley did his fantastic diving. The pool is actually open to the public to use too, but we didn't take our swimmers. The monkeys seemed more than happy to explore instead.

There are two play areas for children in the park. One in the south near some dancing fountains that people can run through and close to a fab retro Helter Skelter, which of course the monkeys wanted to go on. The play areas are fab and are surrounded by gardens and seating. There are several bridges scattered around the park and of course you can see the Shard and Gherkin in the distance as well as Canary Wharf. There's a fair distance to cover on foot but luckily the monkeys were up for it and we took little monkeys pushchair just in case. 
The north end play area is just as good if not better then the one in the south and is next to a large Cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. Again lovely gardens and sculptures too. Little monkey was keen to keep an eye out for trains and buses whenever he heard them close by and the weather stayed dry for us.

There is plenty more there that we didn't go into, including of course, the Velodrome. It looks great from outside though and is described as a pringle because of it shape! I know, if we ever get the chance big monkey would love to go into the velodrome and stadium. He was in awe of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah in the 2012 Olympics.
We had a great time yesterday and everything ran smoothly. A helpful security guy even gave us directions to get back to Westfield the quickest way, so that we could get our train back home.
All in all a great day out with lots to keep the monkeys entertained. I think we'll visit again one day and take a picnic next time. The monkeys loved their surprise day out.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Very Simple Rainy Day Craft Idea

Yesterday was so wet and miserable. We had been to see friends for a play date in the morning, so whilst waiting for Daddy to get home the monkeys and I set to work on a simple crafting task. We made spoon figures from a kit little monkey had been given. Our supplies included four wooden spoons, googly eyes, under water themed cardboard paper heads, furry pipe cleaners and other sponge cut out shapes to decorate the spoon figures.
Both monkeys chose which under water creature they wanted to use and we got stuck into making them. Very easy to do and only a little adult supervision needed. However we had to improvise as we couldn't use our dried out glue, so used cellotape instead. The crafting session was short but fun and big monkey was chuffed to realise that he could take his spoon figure into school as they have been working on the same theme. This was an ideal crafting session for a three and six year old.
Here's a photo I quickly took yesterday and shared on instagram! I'm sharing this post on Kid GL Loves Mini Creations linky this week.

Mini Creations


My Secret Passion

Before my married days and children came along I used to love nothing more than shopping! My guilty pleasure was buying shoes and bags, much like a lot of woman. I lived close to Bluewater in Kent and whenever I wasn't working and had nothing else on, I would be there. Be it window shopping or buying! I got a thrill from treating myself to the smallest of things, even a special desert from M&S.
All set to go
Of course now I have a family, I can no longer do that and nor do I want to. If I do shop, it tends to be online and definitely for the monkeys. Buying for them gives me more pleasure now than buying for myself. However, you can't fully take the shopping bug from an ex shopper/shoe collector can you?! 
I have to say I do still get a thrill when we make a rare visit to a shopping mall, especially Bluewater. It's like home!
New shoes
Of course, with the monkeys in tow, we have to be mindful of what we do and where we go, as they get bored and rightly so. Yesterday we met friends there. They have a 9yr old daughter. We did a bit of shopping before meeting them and I got new shoes! Converse to be exact, they are awesome. We made a point of taking the monkeys into the Lego Store and they chose a new small Lego set each. I love it in there and would buy it all if I could! We met our friends at lunchtime and ate at Jamie's Italian. We've never eaten there before, and I have to say it was delicious. Both the monkeys love pasta and little monkey eats pizza, so I knew they would eat the food in there. It was great. Busy but not overly so.
Posing for the camera
After a lengthy lunch and a catch up with our friends we headed outside so that the kids could play crazy golf. My friend and I left the dad's and the children to it and went off shopping whilst they got wet in the rain and had fun. The weather didn't stop play. Lastly it was onto Krispy Kreme for a pit stop and doughnut before saying farewell to our friends and heading home.
Crazy golf
We had a lovely day, and I got new shoes! I'm happy! Do you have a secret passion or guilty pleasure (that you can share on a family blog)?
New Lego train

Super Busy Mum


Week 21 Round Up - #Project365

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This week we've been outdoors far more than I'd realised looking at my pick of photo's for #Project365. Sunday saw the monkeys having fun in the garden but sadly I had to leave them to it with Daddy, as I had to go to work. Monday was another warm day and we spent it in the garden again. We've been trying to tidy the garden a bit and get new plants potted, trim hedges and so on. Sadly the grass is very bald in places, that's a job for another time. To be honest, we've not done anything too exciting this week. Just the usual day to day stuff. Big monkey broke up for half term on Thursday. Here's our photo's for Days 138-144
#Day138. The monkeys were having so much fun in the paddling pool that we had been and bought that morning. Last years one had to be thrown.
#Day139. Can you spot little monkey? Hubby thought this was so funny! Note he is filling the paddling pool with water from hose!
#Day140. Another attempt at a #Bento lunch for little monkey. He was chuffed when I handed it to him.
#Day141. Look at that cheeky face! Bet you can all guess where we are in this!
#Day142. We picked up some new plants this day and hubby potted them up. A small attempt to make the front garden a little more colourful!
#Day143. Not another flower photo! This is one of the roses from last week. I took the photo to show how good they were still looking a week in. 
#Day144. This afternoon we took the monkeys to watch Postman Pat The Movie - little monkeys 1st time at the cinema! Of course we had to have ice creams.

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Dinosaur Roar! Giveaway

You may remember I recently posted about the new Dinosaur Roar! app which has been a great means of entertainment for the monkeys. The app has been released to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the Dinosaur Roar! Book and now you can win a copy of this fab book for your Dinosaur fans.
Just complete the rafflecopter form below before the closing date! Open to UK residents only. Giveaway ends midnight 30/05/14


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