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I have great pleasure in taking part in the Tots100 International Blog Swap Day 2014, and have been partnered with Alix from Melbourne, Australia. It's lovely to welcome her to My Monkeys Don't Sit Still and hear an introduction to her life across the other side of the world with her gorgeous son LJ. Welcome Alix.

Hi Guys!

My name is Alix and I am an Australian blogger from www.fabufitmum.com.au My blog has been going since June 2013 and I blog about Fitness, Fabulousness and Parenthood, three things which cover just about everything I do. I am really excited for this opportunity to take part in International Blog Swap Day... I might not be able to afford to go to the UK right now but my blog can! Haha.

So who am I? You've probably figured out three things about me so far
1) My name is Alix
2) I like to use exclamation marks!!
3) I am one of "those" people who actually type the words "Ha-Ha"
I am 27 years old and currently live about half an hour out of Melbourne. I grew up in the same town that I'm now living in, my Mother was a school teacher (she is now retired) and my Father has worked in Banking for as long as I can remember. I am the 3rd of 4 children and the only girl. I spent a lot of my time growing up playing with the boys and getting messy, but I always found time to play with my dolls or my Barbies and to this day I am still a very girly girl.

Growing up I always wanted to be the centre of attention, I had so much confidence that I was always putting on shows and singing and dancing around the place. In high school I honestly thought I would grow up to be an actor but after High school I never even tried to pursue it. I started working for a Car Rental company soon after graduating high school, just for something to do, I still didn't know what I wanted to do "when I grew up" so it filled the gap just fine, I never expected that I would get stuck working in car rentals for the next five years though!

When I was 20 I got the opportunity to move to Newcastle (That's about 3 hours north of Sydney and a 13 hour drive from Melbourne) and work at a branch of the same car rental company. It ended up being the best thing I ever did. I made friends quickly and these people are still my closest friends (even though I don't get to see them very much anymore due to distance) I loved my time in Newcastle, being so close to the beach was amazing, the whole place is beautiful and I was certainly enjoying the local nightlife. I spent two years up there and then came back to Melbourne.

Within a month of being back in Melbourne I was given an opportunity to work and live in Darwin (That's riiiiiggggghhhhttttt up the top of Australia, in the Northern Territory) for 6-8 weeks. I took it with no hestitation and somehow that 6-8 weeks turned into 4 months. At this point I decided to leave the car rental company and as I kind of needed money to pay for food and rent (you know, the little things) I started working as a bartender at a local nightclub. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I finally knew what it was like to actually look forward to going to work. I was loving the people I was working with, loving the town (Darwin is so gorgeous, just don't swim in the beaches!) and loving the nightclubs and pubs. I can't even tell you much of what I did up there because I spent most of my nights (when I wasn't working or after my shift) drunk on a dance floor. While I was having the time of my life, I was missing my friends in Newcastle so much though so after 10 months living in Darwin I moved back to Newcastle.
 That's me on the right, at my favourite club "Fannys" partying in my pyjamas!

I started a course studying Events, Food & Beverage as that was a career that would fit perfectly into my lifestyle of partying and sleeping and started working as a bartender at a both a Bowling Club and a nightclub. I would spend my days either at TAFE studying or in bed sleeping and my nights were spent drinking, dancing and chasing a happiness I could never quite find. I was pretty much always happy in the moment, but I was always looking for something bigger and better and was anxious to find it. With my work/life balance figured out I thought the next few years of my life would be spent as a blur of events, dance floors and tequila bottles. Boy was I in for a shock.

A throwaway line from a friend about having her "monthly visitor" made me realise I hadn't had mine for quite some time, and without any expectations I picked up a Pregnancy test on the way home from TAFE, to my complete surprise it was positive. I spent the rest of that afternoon in a state of shock (and giggles) and flew back to Melbourne to go to my little brothers 21st party, with a big secret in my tiny belly. I had always wanted to be a Mum eventually and I never had a doubt in my mind that I would make a good Mum, but I always thought it would be the result of a planned pregnancy after a long relationship, engagement and marriage.
My life changed instantly. I stopped drinking, stopped going to nightclubs (except to work, until my little bump started to show) I withdrew from the events course and took extra shifts at the bowling club to save money to be able to afford everything I would need for the baby. I knew that being a Single Mum would be a challenge, but I just instictivley knew that I would be alright, that I was strong enough to do a good job. (I will just point out here that there are only two things that I don't discuss on my blog, one is my religious beliefs and the other is my son's father. They are both wayyyy too personal to me to write about on the internet!)

On May 13 2011 I gave birth to LJ. From the second he was born he was just SO handsome, everyone who saw him in the hospital commented on how good looking he was! LJ was such a good little baby, the first few weeks are such a blur in my memory, due to the lack of sleep and Mummy hormones. My Mum came to visit (initially for a "few weeks") and was a great help to me while I was learning about what this little baby needs. Pretty soon LJ and I found our groove together and I suddenly realised something... I'd found that happiness that I had been chasing! I didn't find it on a dance floor, or in a bottle of Tequila...I found it in the cuddles of a three month old.

By the time LJ was seven months old I realised that living in Newcastle, while my family was in Melbourne, was breaking their hearts. My Mum had spent at least 80% of the time since LJ was born living in my lounge room on the fold out couch and it had put a real pause on both of our lives. I made a decision that I would later find myself second (and third and fourth... and one thousandth) guessing, to move back to Melbourne so that my family could be closer to LJ and he could have them be more involved in his life.

LJ and I have been back in Melbourne since January 2012. It is still just the two of us, I haven't even been on a date since I had LJ! I just hadn't even given dating a thought until recently. Last year I went to TAFE three days per week to study fitness as I had put on a lot of weight following my pregnancy and really enjoyed learning about exercise, programming and nutrition. I am now a Qualified Personal Trainer however I don't think that will be my permanent career, just more a passion project. This year I started studying Children's Services and I am almost qualified to work as a Childcare assistant. I figure that this is a career I will be able to fit in around LJ just fine.
LJ turns 3 this week and he is such a character! He has so much energy and is on the go all day . He loves movies, he can quote almost every line from Cars, Cars 2 or any of the Toy Story Movies. The sandpit is one of his favourite places to play and he plays with his toy cars as mcuh as he possibly can. He loves all sorts of transport, planes, buses, trains and motorbikes. LJ is such a caring, loving and funny little boy who loves to make people smile and laugh... And he is still crazy handsome! I am the luckiest woman EVER to be his Mum.

I hope that at some point in the (hopefully near) future I will meet somebody and have some more kids. And I have no idea where we will end up living, but I am so excited for our future, I know it is going to be great. I hope you head on over to my blog, Fabufitmum, and keep up with our adventures, Leave a comment or feel free to follow me on social media, You can find me at @Fabufitmum on Twitter and Instagram.

Take care, Stay Fabulous and Stay Fit!

Thanks Alix. Please have a read and leave Alix some comment love.

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