Bank Holiday Weekend Celebrations - I'm a Morrisons Mum

As some of you will probably already know last Friday was big monkeys 6th Birthday. My parents were down for the bank holiday weekend and I'd asked them if they would cook a roast for his birthday meal, as that is his favourite. Now, I can cook a roast myself but a roast is always far tastier when your parents cook it. Right?!
Even better when it's a gift from Morrisons too. You see, last week I was selected as a #MorrisonMum. I was sent £80 in vouchers to shop at my local store, post a recipe with costs per serving plus report on their new reduced prices and the whole shopping experience. I can tell you now, I have been very impressed.
Whilst big monkey was at school on his birthday and little monkey at preschool, I enlisted the help of my parents to shop at Morrisons with me. There are four stores local to me, so I chose the one I thought would have the biggest selection of food and choice and set off on my shop. Morrisons have reduced lots of their products permanently. There are new everyday low prices. The foods that are cheaper than before are all marked with the yellow labels you see below. There were plenty of them across the store. Generally the prices seemed competitive.
The fresh fruit and veg at Morrisons looks fantastic. Displayed like market stalls, and treated with mist to keep it all fresh, the colours and choice were fab. Market street, the fish counter and bakery were all recognisable from the TV adverts.
I had a full trolley and spent £88.03. That included a bottle of Prosecco, Tassimo discs, a large bag of pasta, all the ingredients for a roast chicken dinner for 6 people, picnic food for 4 people and more. 56 items in all. A great haul of food to last the bank holiday weekend and beyond. I couldn't wait to see what value for money we had.
Here is the shopping, all packed up and ready to be put away.
I even sorted the picnic food from the roast dinner ingredients, so that I could see just what I'd got for the vouchers.
This is what we used to make the roast: 
1 large whole chicken £6.64
1 bag of carrots 45p
1 large brocoli 49p
1 bag of Maris Piper Potatoes £2.25
1 packet of stuffing balls £1.49
2 packets of frozen Yorkshire puddings £1 each
1 packet of frozen petit pois £1.25
1 tub of chicken gravy granules £1.25 

So the total cost of the meal was £15.82 making the cost per serving £2.63

Prepare the chicken and cook in the oven as per the cooking times and instructions on the packaging.
Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces to suit. Prepare the vegetables. The timings of the potatoes and veg need to coincide with the meat being cooked. 
About an hour and a half before the meal is served, boil the potatoes and part cook them for ten minutes. Drain them off and give them a shake to make them fluffy.
Put the potatoes into the oven in a pan of hot fat and leave to cook for about an hour. 
Prepare the stuffing balls and put them into the oven too.
Meanwhile cook the veg about half an hour before you want it ready and slice the cooked chicken. Leave that to one side, covered to stand. 
Pop the Yorkshire puddings into a hot oven and leave to rise.
Make the gravy using the chicken juices, water from the veg and the gravy granules. 
Serve all of the above and enjoy.

I think this is great value for money, for as you can see we ate a great full roast dinner with all the trimmings and delicious it was too. Usually my parents or I would make our own stuffing balls and Yorkshire puddings, but for ease and quickness, what with celebrating the monkeys birthday, we cheated!
You can see big monkey tucking into his chosen birthday dinner. There were left overs too, which I'll come to later.
In celebration of it being monkeys birthday and being a #Morrison Mum I treated Mum and I to a bottle of Prosecco and some chocolate deserts. This went down very well once the monkeys had gone to bed.
Saturday night saw Mr Monkey and I eating Pizza and Flatbread. This came in at a total of £5.20 for two.
We planned all along to take the monkeys to Legoland on Sunday, so took a picnic with us. Some of the foods included were:
Pizza £3.25
Water £1.49
Kids drinks £1.50
Chocolate clusters from the bakery £1.99
Mini Cornish pasties £1.85
Kettle chips 99p
Jacobs Oddities 99p
Packet of kids Apples 99p
Mini sausage rolls £1.85
These items totaled £14.90, therefore the cost for 4 people was £3.72

As you can see, the monkeys had fun eating their picnic and we did too. I think once again it was great value for money.
Bank holiday Monday we all ate out at my Uncles in Kent but on Tuesday when everything was back to normal and the monkeys were at school I made a soup form the chicken stock, left over veg and chicken off the bone. We certainly put our food shop and vouchers from Morrisons to great use. There is still plenty of food left as I bought cupboard staples too like pasta, ketchup, milk, crisps, juice and lemonade. I think Morrisons offer really good value without skimping on the quality of their produce and products. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a #MorrisonsMum and would highly recommend Morrisons to others. Take a look here for their new price cuts.

*I was sent vouchers via BritMums from Morrisons for my shop in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks BritMums and Morrisons*

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