Crazy Mornings in DA House!

The selection of BelVita sent to us

I'm sure all households are crazy busy each morning but I sometimes feel ours must be the maddest! Every single morning we are woken by the dulcet tones of the monkeys calling out "Mum, Mum, MUM!" They continue to call out until one of us responds. Then the madness ensues with us trying to keep one of them quiet if the other is still sleeping, while the one awake is using us and our bed as an obstacle course. At this point the other usually appears or calls out. All this before 6am usually. Now, you might think if we are up so early then why the craziness to get us all up, washed, dressed, fed and ready for the day? The simple answer is I have no idea! My monkeys are just mad! Thanks to BelVita, I have breakfast on the hop, (that's if the monkeys haven't taken them off me!) The biscuits hit the spot until after the school run, when I either grab another one and a coffee or have cereal. Luckily BelVita kindly sent us some to try via the lovely peeps at BritMums. The new Creamy Live Yoghurt ones aren't quite my taste, but of course everyone is different aren't they! My favourite are the Fruit & Fibre. I've been known to pop a packet or two in my bag for the school run too.
Individually wrapped and a quick fix

"BelVita breakfast is the only breakfast biscuit proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours* as part of a balanced breakfast for example, a serving of BelVita breakfast biscuits, a portion of fruit, a serving of dairy and a drink! (*proven in several clinical studies)"
So the monkeys eat, we get sorted and dressed and then it's their turn! I'm usually heard asking big monkey several thousands of times to get his clothes on! Little monkey tries his hardest to avoid having his pull up changed and the noise level in the house is enough to wake the whole City! And that's not always coming from the terrors!

One of the crazy things I contend with!

After lots of prompting, tidying and sorting, singing, playing and so on we might just be ready in time to leave the house for school and work, or whatever it is the day has in store. Sometimes daddy has already gone to work very early and I battle on my own to get the monkeys out the door without fiddling with keys, chucking their shoes around, or needing a last minute wee! (That's them, not me!)
Here's another!

My Tips for a brighter start to the day!
-Wear ear defenders so you don't get woken by the birdsong. (I mean kids).
-Put a lock on the bedroom door, so they don't come in!
-Hide under the duvet for a bit longer in bed!
-Get someone else to get the kids ready!
-Drink copious amounts of coffee.
-Make them walk to school on their own. After all, we can get to our school without crossing one road.
I think one day I might even try dropping big monkey off to school in his PJ's!
Of course, I am joking about all of the above!!

I try and get the monkeys clothes out the night before. 
I make any packed lunches the night before also.
School bags are checked and replenished with water bottles and whatever else is needed so there's less to do of a morning. 
Any other tips to keep two cheeky monkeys in line, grab a shower, down a coffee and sit down to breakfast will be most welcome! Thank goodness for BelVita! Oh, and the hubby.  
Get moving you too!

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