Easter Our Way!

A bit late I know, but I thought you might like a round up of our Easter!
Good Friday saw us at Jimmy's Farm in Ipswich, on the way home form our holiday. It was a fab day out. Usually I'm a bit of a traditionalist with hot cross buns and fish on the menu. Not together of course! But with us returning from holiday and being at the farm all day, that tradition was forgotten. You can see our full post here.
Big monkey at Jimmy's Farm
The fab bluebell woods there

Easter Sunday saw me working in the afternoon but 1st thing we and the monkeys had a little indoor Easter egg hunt. Breakfast, like many other households that day consisted of chocolate egg eating! The monkeys thought the whole thing was great fun.
Little monkey munching on his finds
Props to help them search
Yummy mini eggs. Love them
The Easter bunny
We decorated biscuits for Easter too. I cheated and bought a kit!

Biscuit decorating
Hard at work
That's better. Eating them is the best bit
On their 2nd Easter egg hunt
Big monkey went to see and feed some lambs with Daddy and we all went on a 2nd Easter egg hunt on Easter Monday. 
Awe, lovely lamb
Gearing up to help feed the animals
Hoping for a piece of big bros egg
I love Easter, for me it marks a time when the weather is turning, the days are getting longer, we get to spent some quality family time together and new life is springing up all over the place! Spring flowers are beautiful!
My lovely Easter Tulips
What do you like about this time of year?
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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