My Secret Passion

Before my married days and children came along I used to love nothing more than shopping! My guilty pleasure was buying shoes and bags, much like a lot of woman. I lived close to Bluewater in Kent and whenever I wasn't working and had nothing else on, I would be there. Be it window shopping or buying! I got a thrill from treating myself to the smallest of things, even a special desert from M&S.
All set to go
Of course now I have a family, I can no longer do that and nor do I want to. If I do shop, it tends to be online and definitely for the monkeys. Buying for them gives me more pleasure now than buying for myself. However, you can't fully take the shopping bug from an ex shopper/shoe collector can you?! 
I have to say I do still get a thrill when we make a rare visit to a shopping mall, especially Bluewater. It's like home!
New shoes
Of course, with the monkeys in tow, we have to be mindful of what we do and where we go, as they get bored and rightly so. Yesterday we met friends there. They have a 9yr old daughter. We did a bit of shopping before meeting them and I got new shoes! Converse to be exact, they are awesome. We made a point of taking the monkeys into the Lego Store and they chose a new small Lego set each. I love it in there and would buy it all if I could! We met our friends at lunchtime and ate at Jamie's Italian. We've never eaten there before, and I have to say it was delicious. Both the monkeys love pasta and little monkey eats pizza, so I knew they would eat the food in there. It was great. Busy but not overly so.
Posing for the camera
After a lengthy lunch and a catch up with our friends we headed outside so that the kids could play crazy golf. My friend and I left the dad's and the children to it and went off shopping whilst they got wet in the rain and had fun. The weather didn't stop play. Lastly it was onto Krispy Kreme for a pit stop and doughnut before saying farewell to our friends and heading home.
Crazy golf
We had a lovely day, and I got new shoes! I'm happy! Do you have a secret passion or guilty pleasure (that you can share on a family blog)?
New Lego train

Super Busy Mum

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